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  • It’s Officially Official! Two for the Road is Coming to Television!

    Yep. It’s actually, actually happening. We’re so stinkin’ proud and excited to finally announce that our little global adventure travel show is coming to TV! So check this out: the last several months we’ve been working closely with the good folks at Panhandle PBS on a plan to develop Two for the Road for television. And guess what y’all? It’s a
  • VIDEO: An Epic Taste of China, and an Update from the Road

    Hey gang! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the longer days and warmer temps of springtime. So y'all may or may not have noticed we've been laying low the last couple of weeks, and the cold hard fact is, we've been absolutely covered up, as we say here in Texas. Traveling, shooting,
  • VIDEO: Hiking to the Towers in Torres del Paine. And Living to Tell.

    Okay. So we’ll put this out there right off the bat: we’re not hikers. And probably never will be. As we mentioned in last week’s episode from Patagonia, we’re certainly all about getting outdoors and exploring and spending our days being active. And we’re down to try just about any type of activity or adventure you want to throw at
  • Alien Ice: The Incredible Blue Icebergs of Chile’s Torres del Paine

    First thing's first - we'll put the questions and debate to bed right out of the gate - none of the photos you'll see in this post have been Photoshopped, colored, filtered or altered in any way, except for a little bit of cropping to get the photos to fit well on the page. Which is honestly hard to believe when you're looking at 'em. But it's true. And now, on to the
  • Photo of the Day: the Spectacular Cuernos of Torres del Paine

    It's true. Few places in the entire world are as dramatic and spectacular as Chile's magnificent Torres del Paine National Park. We'd heard about this incredible place (and its incredible landscapes) for many years, and when we finally got the chance to visit we were absolutely blown