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  • Let’s Roll! Check Out the Two for the Road Season One Trailer!

    HOW? How can you take literally hundreds of hours of incredible footage from adventures around the world and whittle it all down to a short little three-minute highlight reel? Well friends, we still don't know that it's truly possible, but this is our valiant attempt at it. So here it is! The official Two for the Road season one
  • It’s Officially Official! Two for the Road is Coming to Television!

    Yep. It’s actually, actually happening. We’re so stinkin’ proud and excited to finally announce that our little global adventure travel show is coming to TV! So check this out: the last several months we’ve been working closely with the good folks at Panhandle PBS on a plan to develop Two for the Road for television. And guess what y’all? It’s a
  • VIDEO: An Epic Taste of China, and an Update from the Road

    Hey gang! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the longer days and warmer temps of springtime. So y'all may or may not have noticed we've been laying low the last couple of weeks, and the cold hard fact is, we've been absolutely covered up, as we say here in Texas. Traveling, shooting,
  • Here We Go! A Look Back, and Big Things Coming in 2016…

    So. Yeah. Turns out, we’re terrible bloggers. One of the cardinal sins of professional blogging, after all, is letting your blog go stale for any considerable length of time. To do it right, you have to keep your readers and viewers engaged and entertained with a steady, consistent, reliable supply of fresh and creative content. New blogs. New photos. New videos. You’ve gotta feed the beast, as they
  • VIDEO: Eating Fried Tarantula! And What the Heck Are We Up To?

    Howdy peeps! Hope you and yours are well and are enjoying the holiday season! Okay. So. We haven't brought you many updates lately, and we've been slow posting to social media as well. But it doesn't mean we haven't been busy. Far from it, in fact.