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  • Home Sweet Home: A Sunday Safari in the Texas Panhandle

    You know, one of the most powerful "side effects" of travel is that after a little while it begins to give you a real appreciation for home. A new, deeper appreciation for where you're from. We were both born and raised here in the Texas Panhandle, and after several years away we at long last returned to this area to live just last
  • It’s Time! Two for the Road Begins Airing Nationwide Next Week!

    It's just so crazy to think that in just a few days 2016 will be a memory, and we'll be living in the year 2017. Crazy! Maybe it's just because we're getting older, but it sure seems like every year goes by just a little bit quicker than the last. But the bright side? Well, for one, most folks are probably pretty happy to get 2016 behind them. 'Cause it's sure been one heckuva crazy
  • Season One Begins Nationwide in January! Check Out the Promo…

    Hey y'all! So how cool is this? Last month we made the announcement that Two for the Road has been accepted for national distribution to public television stations coast to coast (and beyond!), and we're super excited to roll out our first 30-second national promo spot for season one! Check it out! We hope you enjoy it, and much as we enjoyed putting it together.
  • Photo Gallery: Wrapping Up an Epic TV Shoot in Central America

    Wow! What an unbelievable few weeks it's been! We just returned from three weeks of action-packed shooting down in Costa Rica and Panama, and we... well, we're flat-out exhausted to tell you the truth. Shooting a TV show by yourself is a mighty difficult task.
  • Yes! We’re Coming to Public Television! But We Need Your Help…

    Hey Y'all! Want to See Two for the Road Where You Live? We Need Your Help! Yes it’s true that our show will be distributed nationwide throughout the public television system, but still it’s up to each individual station to decide whether they want to actually carry the
  • Two for the Road in the News! From Donley County to the World…

    You never know where life’s road will take you, and that has certainly been true for Dusty and Nikki Green – a Howardwick couple who decided to follow a dream and are now on their way to becoming national celebrities on public television. Nine years ago, the Greens started a simple blog – an online journal – called “Two for the Road” when they gave up their