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  • Spent an incredible morning on a SUB adventure at a place called Stuart Cove's. Isn't this awesome?

    A New Year, and a New Adventure! Welcome to the Bahamas Y’all!

    Hey gang! Happy happy new year! Hope you and yours had a safe and wonderful holiday season! So check this out. We’re kicking off the new year in grand fashion, in one of our favorite (and one of the most beautiful places) anywhere! We’re filming down here in the beautiful Bahamas!

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Y’all! And Big Thanks!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Y’all! And Big Thanks!

    Hey guys. Hope all is well in your corner of the world! Just wanted to take a second to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season! We are actually home for the Christmas holiday (for a change it seems) and are loving the sweet, warm embrace of home and family and friends. Good stuff.

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  • Howdy! From the beautiful waters off the Galapagos island of North Seymour..

    This is Just Nuts Y’all. We’re Back Filming in the Galapagos Islands!

    Hey there gang! So we’re back on the grid after what’s been an absolutely unbelievable week cruising and filming around the spectacular Galapagos Islands. What a time! So y’all might remember we first visited the Galapagos a few years ago, and our adventure here was featured in the season finale back in season one…

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  • Jumping for joy on the spectacular Salar de Uyuni in southern Bolivia. It's the world's largest salt flat and is absolutely mind-blowing!

    It’s a Wrap! More from Our Crazy Season Three Shoot in Bolivia

    Wow. Wow. WOW! Check this out y’all! So we’ve wrapped up what’s been an absolutely epic episode shoot down here in beautiful Bolivia, and we can very sincerely say that this is one of our favorite adventures of all time. And Bolivia is without a doubt one of our favorite countries anywhere in the world. We have had the most amazing time down here!

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  • Yes! The mines on Cerro Rico are considered among the most dangerous in the world. But believe it or not, they actually let tourists go in there as the miners are working. Craziness! Here we're about to go inside the mountain with our guide Marco. And we're pretty freaking nervous to be honest.

    Filming in One of Our Favorite Countries in the World: Bolivia!

    Lost luggage. Altitude sickness. Food poisoning. And this morning we literally bought dynamite at a streetside market before descending into one of the most dangerous mines on planet earth. Yep. Been a pretty wild ride so far! And despite some pretty crazy drama, we can’t tell y’all how super incredibly happy we are…

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  • Found it! Here’s the Long Lost Original Two for the Road Trailer!

    Found it! Here’s the Long Lost Original Two for the Road Trailer!

    So this is pretty awesome y’all. And it’s really special to us. Check this out. We’re actually home now for a few days and we’ve been spending a little time going back through old files and old folders and old memories, and in the process of doing that we came across this. And this is something.

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  • The tasting room at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse. Can we stay here for a few weeks? We volunteer for quality control!

    It’s a Wrap! A Fantastic Season Three Shoot in Beautiful Kentucky

    Kentucky! We have had the absolute BEST time with you this week! Holy moly! So we’ve just wrapped up our latest episode shoot here in the beautiful Bluegrass State, which has once again firmly cemented its position as one of our favorite, favorite places in the world.

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  • Wonderful World Wednesday: A View of Heaven from Devil’s Tower

    Wonderful World Wednesday: A View of Heaven from Devil’s Tower

    So it was right about this time of year as we recall – maybe a little earlier in the summer – and it was our first ever visit to Devil’s Tower. We rolled into the campground at the base of the tower late in the afternoon and without a reservation, but still managed to snag a sweet little camping spot…

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  • ...puffins! Lots and lots of puffins! And they were super close by!

    It’s a Wrap! Pics from an Epic Episode Shoot in Incredible Iceland!

    Hey y’all! So we’re back home for a hot minute and getting settled in between adventures. And this last adventure we went on? Holy moly man. Y’all just wouldn’t believe it. Iceland has always been right there toward the top of our proverbial bucket list, so when a last-minute opportunity came up a few weeks back…

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  • A Great Time in a Great Spot! Our Groovy Visit to TBEX Ostrava

    A Great Time in a Great Spot! Our Groovy Visit to TBEX Ostrava

    Hey gang! So it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks out here on the road, but we’re having a very, very cool time. Our latest trip actually began in Prague, where we had a big time touring the city, getting to know the locals, drinking lots of beer (of course) and all the while filming a very cool segment for an upcoming episode.

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