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  • Watch the Promo! Episode 107: Searching for Balance in Beijing

    Nik and Dusty travel to the far side of the globe for their first-ever visit to China! And after a quick lesson in the ancient Chinese art of tai chi, they set out to explore the fascinating and historic sites in and around China’s massive capital city, Beijing. From the incredible Forbidden City to Tiananmen Square to the Great
  • Epic Patagonia: Episode Six LIVE Post-Show Facebook Chat

    From sipping whiskey atop one of the planet's mightiest glaciers, to kayaking among icebergs, to a painful but incredible trek to one of South America's most spectacular places... what an adventure we had in beautiful Patagonia! Let's discuss! Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Bring
  • Watch the Promo! Episode 106: Adventure in Patagonia

    Nik and Dusty make their way south, to the legendary region of South America known as Patagonia. After conquering one of Argentina’s most spectacular glaciers (and toasting the occasion in a very special way) they cross the border into southern Chile. And using a world-renowned Patagonian eco-lodge as a base
  • Watch the Promo! Episode 105: Searching for Africa’s Big Five

    Nik and Dusty travel through the night to Tanzania, where they embark on their first ever wildlife safari through the famed African bush. Their goal? To capture (on camera) each of Africa’s famed Big Five animals – the lion, the giraffe, the elephant, the cape buffalo and the
  • Safari in Tanzania: Episode Five Post-Show LIVE Facebook Chat!

    What an incredible adventure! Lions and giraffe and elephants, oh my! We hope you enjoyed this action-packed episode from our epic safari in Tanzania. Now? Let's discuss! Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Bring