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  • Announcing What’s Next: Our Epic Safari Adventure in Tanzania

    June 30, 2015
    So we had an an absolutely amazing time with the Huaorani people at the Huaorani Ecolodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon. But we're off on our next epic adventure! And we're so excited today to
  • Episode 12: A Heartbreaking “Toxic Tour” in the Amazon Rainforest

    June 23, 2015
    Though our time spent in the Amazon rain forest of eastern Ecuador was simply incredible – one of the most amazing, most fulfilling experiences of our lives - suffice it to say, it did not end on a happy note. Good thing is though, we knew going in that it would probably end that
  • Where We Stayed: Huaorani Ecolodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon

    June 21, 2015
    In all our travels we've been so very lucky to have stayed in some remarkable places around the world. But few will ever leave such an impression in our minds and on our hearts as the Huaorani Ecolodge in the Amazon rainforest of eastern Ecuador.
  • Photo Friday: Our Time with the Huaorani in Ecuador’s Amazon

    June 19, 2015
    We're nearing the end of our series in the Amazon of eastern Ecuador, and sifting through the hours of video and dozens upon dozens of pictures from our time with the fascinating Huaorani people. And here are some of our favorites from our final few
  • TFTR Sidetracked: Making Chicha with the Huaorani in the Amazon

    June 18, 2015
    So if you're like us, you enjoy a fine adult beverage from time to time. And when given the chance to not just sample - but actually MAKE a batch of homemade, traditional Huaorani chicha while in the Amazon... well... how could we
  • TFTR Top Ten: Fascinating Facts About the Huaorani People

    June 17, 2015
    So in the short time we've spent with the Huaorani people we've learned so much about their culture, their customs and their fascinating way of life. Yes, they have traditionally been known as some of the most dangerous people in all the Amazon, and for good
  • Episode 11: Visiting A Huaorani Community in Ecuador’s Amazon

    June 16, 2015
    The Huaorani are an amazing people. Just amazing. They've lived in the deep forests of the Ecuadorian Amazon for hundreds of years and are widely considered some of the proudest, most fearsome peoples in all the Amazon basin. And from the day we began