AmaWaterways and Two for the Road: PBS Partnership Proposal

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We’re glad you’re here, and we appreciate your time and consideration of a partnership with Two for the Road. We are the husband and wife team Nikki and Dusty Green, the producers/hosts/videographers/travelers behind Two for the Road, which we’re proud to say is among the fastest growing, most unique, most inspiring travel programs on PBS today. Our first season of eight episodes premiered on many PBS stations across the United States in January 2017 and continues to reach new markets and more viewers every month. Two for the Road is currently available in roughly 50 million homes across the US, a number that will grow to more than 100 million homes when our show premieres on Create TV – a national subchannel of PBS – this summer in August.

You can click here to visit our media page, which includes trailers, promos, full episodes from season one, and much more about us and our television show. Suffice it to say we’re proud of our program and of the stories we’re telling, and very excited to see our show and our audience grow at an exponential rate! And we very sincerely appreciate your interest in working with us, as we plan for future episodes and future seasons.

With that in mind, it’s our pleasure to present to you our proposal to bring Two for the Road and AmaWaterways together in a relationship which we hope will be mutually beneficial and last many years into the future. We are sincerely hoping to establish long-term (and exclusive) relationships with new partners throughout the travel sector, and we believe that with a combination of your support, our stories, and the reach and influence of the most respected broadcast network in the United States, we all stand to benefit. And specifically with regard to AmaWaterways, we believe there are two primary ways we can work together to achieve success. The first, involves filming an episode on an AmaWaterways cruise:




Yes! We’d very much like to feature AmaWaterways in a future, full-length (30-minute) episode of Two for the Road.

We are currently in the process of finishing production of thirteen new episodes for season two of Two for the Road, which will begin airing nationwide on PBS stations in January 2018. But we are also already in the process of starting production of thirteen new episodes for season three, which will tentatively premiere nationwide in January of 2019. And we would love to feature our adventure on an AmaWaterways river cruise in a full-length 30 minute episode in season three!

Ideally we would like to shoot the episode in fall of 2017 or spring of 2018, documenting the Enchanting Rhine itinerary aboard the AmaKristina. We would only require room and board for the two of us, inclusion on any/all available excursions, as well as the ability to film on-board and interview guides for our program. We would cover the costs of airfare/transportation to and from the embarkation/disembarkation points, and of course any incidental expenses while off of the ship. Our goal, naturally, would be to capture and document our experiences during the cruise and share them with our growing television audience on PBS, similar to what we have done on other cruises that have been featured in our program.

To give you an example of our work (specifically our work with cruise operators) here is an episode from our first season featuring our cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage:

Also – in addition to being featured in the PBS episode itself, we plan to compliment each episode with a variety of short videos, photo galleries and blogs here on the Two for the Road website, and also on our Two for the Road social media channels. Specifically, things like: facts about the ship, a video tour of the ship, and other materials that were cut from the TV program due to time considerations (examples here). All of which will help us deliver a more comprehensive account of our experience for our viewers, as well as provide excellent added visibility for our partners.




Again, our third season (and an episode featuring an Ama cruise) would likely premiere in January 2019. But in order to secure more immediate visilbility on PBS, we would love for AmaWaterways to consider underwriting the second season of Two for the Road, which will premiere nationwide this coming January. And we absolutely believe our show, our style, our momentum, our audience, and the fact that we’re firmly planted and growing on the nation’s most respected broadcast network, all make Two for the Road an excellent investment opportunity – particularly for companies like AmaWaterways seeking to connect with a more travel-minded, educated and affluent potential customer base. A few short thoughts to help us prove that point:

  • Our show is absolutely unique. There’s simply no one out there on television doing what we’re doing, particularly on PBS.
  • Our show is truly inspirational.  We’re living what we like to call the “new American dream,” a dream that more and more people wish to be able to live themselves: we quit our high-paying, highly stressful jobs, sold all of our possessions and simply decided we were going to live our lives traveling the world and experiencing all the amazing things it has to offer. And we regularly receive calls and emails from people telling us what inspiring lives we lead. And that’s what we’re after! We want to inspire people to get out. To leave the ordinary behind. To travel. To really live. We as human beings are not born to simply work, pay bills and die! And if there’s one underlying message in everything we do, that’s it.
  • Our show is real. To call what we do “reality TV” is doing it a major disservice. We travel, we shoot, we write, we edit, and we produce every second of our television show. There’s no crew, there’s no script, and there’s usually no plan. And that’s just the way we like it! Our aim is to capture what traveling the world is really like, through the eyes of two regular people who just decided one day that they’d had enough of the rat race… and then decided to do something about it. It’s not always pretty, or glamorous, or happy. But it’s always an adventure. So, no. It’s not reality TV. It’s real life. And it’s amazing.
  • Our show is growing. Fast. As mentioned, our first season has been extremely successful and continues to premiere in new markets around the country. And we’re thrilled to be making our debut on Create TV in August, which will make our show available nationwide to roughly 100 million households (85% of the country).
  • Our show will run. And run again. And again. Like many programs on public television, every season of our show will likely run multiple times in many markets over the course of two to three years. So once the 13-episode season is over, it’s not over. It will continue to run, and it will continue to provide excellent visibility for AmaWaterways over time.
  • And lastly, our show is on PBS. And it can’t be repeated often enough: PBS is widely considered the most respected broadcast television network in the United States. The infographic at right tells a compelling story, and it further underscores the distinctive sponsorship benefit known as the PBS “Halo Effect,” which suggests that, because of their affiliation with, and support of the nation’s most respected network, underwriters of PBS programs are themselves given greater credibility and seen with greater respect in the eyes of viewers.

We’re proud to be a part of PBS, especially in these tumultuous political times. In fact, PBS and its programs are more valuable and more important than ever, precisely because of the current political climate. Which means there’s never been a more important or more valuable time for forward-thinking companies to align with PBS.

But in seeking your underwriting dollars, we personally don’t look at our potential relationship as a simple 13-episode deal. We’d rather approach our relationship as a 12-month contract that goes beyond the television show itself, and includes prominent logo placement on our website, periodic blogs and social media posts throughout the year (presented in mutually agreeable fashion), possible personal appearances by us – Nikki and Dusty – at AmaWaterways events, and other ways we can work together to fortify our relationship. And, most importantly, this underwriting contract gives AmaWaterways exclusivity in the cruising space.

Our proposed underwriting rates for season two are as follows:

Level 1 (Premiere Exclusive Underwriter): Though PBS considers a standard underwriting “pod” to be 15 seconds in length, they will consider 30-second pods for exceptionally generous underwriters. And to take that a step further, at this level we will also gladly extend sole and exclusive underwriter privileges to AmaWaterways for the entirety of season two, meaning that AmaWaterways would be our one and only underwriter for all thirteen episodes. The 30-second pod would air both at the beginning and at the end of each episode, giving Ama a full one minute’s worth of air time built in to every program. The PBS-mandated minimum amount of sponsorship at this level is $300,000.

Level 2: (Premiere Underwriter) A standard :15 second underwriting pod (provided by AmaWaterways) that will appear first, before any other underwriting messages included in the program. The 15-second pod would air both at the beginning and at the end of each episode, giving Ama a full 30-seconds worth of air time built in to every program. Sponsorship cost: $100,000 (Available on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Level 3: A standard :15 second underwriting pod (provided by AmaWaterways). The 15-second pod would air both at the beginning and at the end of each episode, giving AmaWaterways a full 30-seconds worth of air time built in to every program. Sponsorship cost: $80,000

Level 4: A :10 underwriting pod (provided by AmaWaterways). The 10-second pod would air both at the beginning and at the end of each episode, giving AmaWaterways a full 20-seconds worth of air time built in to every program. Sponsorship cost: $60,000




Bottom line: now is a terrific time to invest in PBS, and Two for the Road provides a perfect vehicle with which to jump on board!

Once again, we are excited for the future and sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting us, our program and public television in general. And we will work hard to ensure that AmaWaterways gets the visibility and return on investment the company is seeking. We hope you’ve found this information helpful, and we’d absolutely encourage you to peruse our website, learn more about us, watch and read examples of our work and ask us any and all questions you may have. We’ll be happy to discuss!

Thank you again for your kind attention and consideration! Take care, and  we look forward to speaking again soon.

Respectfully submitted,


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Nikki & Dusty Green

Producers/Hosts/Adventurers, Two for the Road


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