Here We Go! The Official Trailer for Two for the Road Season Two!

[Posted November 14, 2017]

Okay guys!聽Finally! Here it is y’all! The epic official trailer for season two of Two for the Road! Giddyup!

We’re both so, so proud and excited to show y’all this, so grateful to continue along this incredible journey, and so thankful to you guys for loving and supporting the show. Y’all are the best!
And with that said, we absolutely need a couple of quick favors from you guys, in order to make sure that Two for the Road will be available where you live. More about down below the video. So please, please read on, after you’ve had the chance to watch the trailer. Because we want y’all to be able to watch the show when it premieres in January!

So check it out! We hope you love, love, love it. Let us know what y’all think! Here goes…

Pretty. Stinkin’. Cool. Don’t you think?

Yep. Season two is gonna be all flavors of awesome. Thirteen full, half-hour episodes shot in stunning HD in some of our planet’s most spectacular destinations. If you guys enjoyed season one… well.. as we say down here in Texas: y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet. LOL

BUT! As we mentioned, we want to make absolute sure that you’ll be able to watch Two for the Road on your local public television (PBS) station! And in order to make that happen, we need you guys to contact your local station and let them know you want them to carry Two for the Road! The show will be distributed nationwide in January, but the stations all decide individually for themselves which programs they want to carry. And if they don’t hear from you, there’s a decent chance they won’t pick us up. So give them a shout! Whether by email, phone, Facebook, skywriting, whatever. 馃檪

Just be sure to let them know, and the sooner the better. Most stations decide on their programming a couple of months in advance. So if y’all want to see the new season when it premieres in January, best to holler at your local station now! (And certainly don’t take it for granted that just because they ran season one that they’ll run season two.)

As you guys know, we’re a tiny operation. It’s just the two of us doing everything for the show: shooting, hosting, editing, producing, writing, the whole nine yards. And we don’t have any kind of marketing team (or marketing budget for that matter). So we really rely on y’all to reach out to your local stations, and to spread the word about the show to friends and family. By doing that, we hope to not only reach more folks of course – but we also hope it gives you guys a sense of ownership in the show. Because there is no show without you guys, and we’re just so very very thankful for all of your love and support.

So thanks a million y’all! We really hope you love the trailer, and hope you’ll get to see Two for the Road where you live! And holler at us anytime. Love to hear from you!

Cheers gang! And we’re excited to have you on board for this crazy ride. 馃檪


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  1. Pictures are Stunning! Just inspired me to plan for next trip . Thanks for Great Information.

  2. Kevin Hogan

    Saw your show the first time on PBS. You were going to Antartica. Amazing Show. Loved it. Wish I could travel 24/7 like that. Looking forward to seeing where you go.

  3. Saw your show… missed the infor on location! Y鈥檃ll were hiking and returned to Home base for new year celebration … 2018? I don鈥檛 know… could be a rerun.

    The hike was rocky and arrived at a glacier pool surrounded by rocky edifices with snow… Weast shown 1/16/18 Ga pub TV

  4. Nancy Paulson

    Watch your show on PBS Create tv. Fun, educational, and inspiring! This week was Antarctica. OMG, I wanted to go there anyway and now I am totally obsessed. Love the Russian research experience. Was it all arranged by Adventure Life? Point me in the right direction please.

    • Hey Nancy! Thanks so much! We so appreciate you watching, and your kind words! 馃檪 And yes, Adventure Life set up the Antarctica stuff for us. We did the Antarctic Peninsula cruise. Definitely holler at them if you’re interested in going! It’s truly a spectacular, spectacular place. And tell them we sent you! Cheers!

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