Two for the Road and Red River Rigs: Partners in Epic Adventure

Howdy Glen! And welcome to the official Two for the Road underwriting portal. We’re so glad you’re here! It was great meeting you last week, and we want to thank you very sincerely for considering a partnership with Two for the Road.

On this page you’ll find some great information about us and about our Lone Star Emmy® nominated global adventure travel show. Below you can watch the trailer for our epic second season and, as a bonus, view few full episodes from season two in their entirety as well! You’ll also find the latest official Two for the Road media kit, which you can view immediately on the page or download for saving/viewing/printing at a later time. In it, you’ll find out much more about us and the show, including our current audience (and potential audience) figures, our social media numbers, a list of partners we’ve worked with around the world, and more.

Again we sincerely appreciate your interest in our show and we really hope we’ll get the chance to work together! And please feel free to give us a shout or drop us a line anytime if you have any questions, concerns or would simply like to know more about the show.

Thanks very much! And hope to talk with you again soon…

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So we hope you’ve had the chance to see at least a couple of the episodes from season two. And if so, we hope you’ll agree that our show is truly unlike any other. We’re the only husband-wife adventure travel show on television, period. Not to mention the only husband-wife team producing, shooting and hosting their own global travel show, and the only husband-wife team to be honored with three Lone Star Emmy nominations for outstanding program, outstanding directing and outstanding photography.

Whether you’ve had the chance to view any of our episodes or not, chances are you’re here simply because you’re hoping to find out more about us and about the show. And truthfully, we could go on and on and on about our story: how we quit our jobs, sold all of our possessions and hit the road to travel the world, and how we turned that story (and our travels) into an Emmy-nominated television show.

But in the meantime – and in the interest of brevity – we’ve taken some of the most important facts about us and our show, and packaged it into a concise yet informational media kit. Just click on the link to the right to open the kit in a new window, and/or download the kit to your local drive for offline viewing.  We hope it will give you a more complete picture of just who we are, what the show is about, and the size of our audiences on-line and over the air.


So the infographic on the right is pretty cool. You can use your mouse to control the slider, and reveal maps and data that shows what our current (August 2017) audience and carriage numbers are, versus where we were just a few months ago back in April. Go ahead! Tinker with it a little bit. It’s actually pretty fun. If it looks a little strange, try refreshing the page. That oughta fix it.

Here’s the skinny on just how big the show is: Two for the Road actually premiered here in our local market in the Texas Panhandle in late 2016, about the same time the show was accepted for national distribution throughout the PBS system by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), the second largest distributor of public television programs in the country. Without much fanfare, season one of Two for the Road went out to stations nationwide in January, and we got our very first carriage report just a few months later in April (see the graphic), which indicated we had already been carried by stations in roughly 40% of the country!

But the show really hit the big time in August 2017, when it was picked up by Create TV, a national subchannel of the PBS system that features “the best of the best” in independent programs on public television, with a particular focus on travel, food, how-to and lifestyle programming. And just like that our audience more than doubled! So Two for the Road is now available in more than 100 million TV households across the United States, which is roughly 90% of the country. And on top of that we’re still adding individual PBS markets across the country too, so we’re growing ever-closer and closer to that 100% mark. Giddy up.

Best of all, is the fact that we’re being carried on – and this bears repeating – the country’s most trusted and widely respected broadcast network. And PBS viewers aren’t your average TV viewers. By and large they’re more educated and more affluent, and they tend to look more favorably on companies that underwrite PBS programs versus other networks.

Having trouble viewing the graphic? Refresh your browser, or click here.

Okay. Time to get down to business. We hope we’ve piqued your interest in a partnership with Two for the Road, and we’d love to explore some different ways we can work together. We absolutely believe our show, our style, our momentum, our audience, and the fact that we’re firmly planted and growing on the nation’s most respected broadcast network all make Two for the Road an excellent investment opportunity – particularly for companies like yours looking for fresh, innovative new ways to connect with a larger potential customer base. And here are just a few short but important thoughts to help us prove that point to you:

  • Our show is absolutely unique. There’s simply no one out there on television doing what we’re doing, period. Anywhere.
  • Our show is truly inspirational.  We’re living what we like to call the “new American dream,” a dream that more and more people wish to be able to live themselves: we quit our high-paying, highly stressful jobs, sold all of our possessions and simply decided we were going to live our lives traveling the world and experiencing all the amazing things it has to offer. And we regularly receive calls and emails from people telling us what inspiring lives we lead. And that’s what we’re after! We want to inspire people to get out. To leave the ordinary behind. To see the world. We as human beings are not born to simply work, pay bills and die! And if there’s one underlying message in everything we do, that’s it.
  • Our show is real. To call what we do “reality TV” is doing it a major disservice. We travel, we shoot, we write, we edit, and we produce every second of our television show. There’s no crew, there’s no script, and there’s usually no plan. And that’s just the way we like it! Our aim is to capture what traveling the world is really like, through the eyes of two regular people who just decided one day that they’d had enough of the rat race… and then decided to do something about it. It’s not always pretty, or glamorous, or happy. But it’s always an adventure. So, no. It’s not reality TV. It’s real life. And it’s amazing.
  • Our show is growing. Fast. As mentioned, our first season has been extremely successful and continues to premiere in new markets around the country. And we’re thrilled to be making our debut on Create TV in August 2017, which will make our show available nationwide to roughly 100 million households (more than 90% of the country).
  • Our show will run. And run again. And again. Again, like many programs on public television, every season of our show will likely run multiple times in many markets (and on Create) over the course of two to three years. So once the 13-episode season is over, it’s not over. It will continue to run, and it will continue to provide excellent visibility for your brand over time.
  • And lastly, our show is on PBS. The infographic at right tells a compelling story, and it further underscores the distinctive sponsorship benefit known as the PBS “Halo Effect,” which suggests that, because of their affiliation with, and support of the nation’s most respected network, underwriters of PBS programs are themselves given greater credibility and seen with greater respect in the eyes of viewers.

But – and this is key, we think – in seeking your underwriting dollars, we personally don’t look at our potential partnership as a simple 13-episode deal. We’d rather approach our relationship as an wide-ranging agreement that goes beyond the television show itself, and includes other ways we can work together to make this thing a big success. And, most importantly, this underwriting contract gives you absolute exclusivity in the your business category.

Okay. Now. Having made our “official” pitch, let’s talk about your investment. Our proposed underwriting rates for season two are as follows:

Underwriting Investment: $75,000:

  • :10 second underwriting “pod” at the beginning and end of each episode of TFTR Season Three (produced by TFTR)
  • American Safari JXL featured in at least one episode of TFTR Season Three
  • Prominent logo/link placement on TFTR website
  • Up to two personal appearances by Nik and Dusty at Red River Rigs events/booths (expenses additional)




Okay. So. Bottom line: now is a terrific time to invest in PBS, and Two for the Road. Plain and simple. Our show is unique, exciting, inspirational and educational, and we’ve got incredible momentum.

Once again, we are excited for the future and sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting us, our program and public television in general. And we’ll work hard to ensure that you and the Red River Rigs/American Safari JXL brand get the visibility and return on investment that you’d be expecting (and then some). We really hope you’ve found all this information helpful, and we’re absolutely open to answering any questions/concerns you might have. We’ll be happy to discuss!

Thanks so much again for your kind attention and consideration! We appreciate it!

Take care, and we look forward to talking with you more about all this real soon.


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