VIDEO: Hiking to the Towers in Torres del Paine. And Living to Tell.

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Okay. So we’ll put this out there right off the bat: we’re not hikers. And probably never will be.

As we mentioned in last week’s episode from Patagonia, we’re certainly all about getting outdoors and exploring and spending our days being active. And we’re down to try just about any type of activity or adventure you want to throw at us, because we’ve learned over the course of our many travels that some of the most challenging things we’ve done – the ones we dreaded the absolute most – also ended up being some of the most rewarding. So, yeah. We’d like to think we’ll tackle any challenge with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

Hiking, however, is absolutely, positively not one of them.

Maybe it’s because we’re from the flatlands of the Texas Panhandle, and our bodies simply weren’t made for trekking up and down mountains. Maybe it’s because of our aforementioned affinity for Mexican food and cold beer, both of which we like to consume in joyous excess. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. But whatever the case, the fact is that hiking’s not something we grew up doing and generally speaking, it’s not something we particularly enjoy. You say you want to go climb a mountain and see how fast you can make it to the summit? God bless ya. Knock yourself out. We’ll take the gondola and meet you at the bar up top.

But you simply cannot come to a place like Torres del Paine National Park in Chile – one of the world’s premiere hiking/trekking destinations – and not put your feet and legs to work. In fact if you come all the way down here and don’t spend a little time pushing your limits out on the trail, you may as well not have come here at all.

The "W" Circuit in Torres del Paine.
The “W” Circuit in Torres del Paine.

There’s one trail – or a circuit of trails, actually – in Torres del Paine known as “the W,” which is consistently ranked among the most challenging and one of the most spectacular trekking circuits on the entire planet. But for us, hiking the full, five-day length of the “W” was never even a consideration. We’re all about pushing our limits physically and mentally, but you’ve still gotta be realistic about your capabilities. Know your limits, as they say. And there’s just no way we could’ve attempted an assault on the “W” without being escorted off the trail half-way by medical helicopter.

Fortunately for us, and for those like us who want to trek in Torres del Paine but don’t want to kill themselves doing it,  there are alternatives to trekking the full length of the “W”. And we tackled one of those alternatives – trekking just the final leg of the “W” – in the final leg of our grand adventure at EcoCamp Patagonia. Thus far during our stay at EcoCamp we’ve explored the park by mountain bikes, on horseback, and in kayaks… and now it’s time to trek. Whether we like it or not. 🙂

So lace up your hiking shoes and hit the trail with us for our latest Adventure Life adventure, as we attempt to climb to the legendary and spectacular “towers” of Torres del Paine. Wish us luck!

Cheers y’all. And happy travels!

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