VIDEO: An Epic Taste of China, and an Update from the Road

Hey gang! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the longer days and warmer temps of springtime.

So y’all may or may not have noticed we’ve been laying low the last couple of weeks, and the cold hard fact is, we’ve been absolutely covered up, as we say here in Texas. Traveling, shooting, editing, negotiating, traveling, and trying to catch a few precious hours of shut-eye here and there when we can. Exciting times to be sure! But sheesh there’s a lot going on.

One of the many things we’re working on these days, is going through and editing hours and hours and hours of footage from our recent adventures in China and Southeast Asia. Not only for our own purposes, but also for our great friends and partners at Adventure Life. If you didn’t know, in addition to the videos we create for our blog, we also edit short videos for them to help promote the many incredible adventures they offer around the globe.

With that in mind, we just finished the first Adventure Life video from our epic journey across China, and we thought we’d share it with you guys… to give you a little taste – not only of our incredible experiences in China – but also of what we’ve got coming down the pike. So turn up the volume, watch in full-screen HD, and check it out…

How friggin’ awesome is that?

We’ve said it so many times, but China absolutely blew us away. It was far more beautiful, more colorful, more hospitable, more fascinating and more fun that we ever figured it would be. And we can’t wait to tell you – and show you – more about it. Crazy cool stuff.

Other than that, we’re also still working toward our big project (which we mentioned a while back) and making good progress, though it’s just taking a little longer than we initially thought it would. But we’re still super excited and hope to be able to share some news on that real soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

So that’s the latest! Much more to come. Cheers y’all. And as always, happy travels!

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  1. Wow! I honestly have never even considered going to China, but your footage is absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to see more from your trip through China and SE Asia. You guys rock!

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