A New Year, and a New Adventure! Welcome to the Bahamas Y’all!

[Posted January 6, 2019]

Hey gang! Happy happy new year! Hope you and yours had a safe and wonderful holiday season!

So check this out. We’re kicking off the new year in grand fashion, in one of our favorite (and one of the most beautiful places) anywhere! We’re filming down here in the beautiful Bahamas! How cool is that? And really… where in the world would you rather be in the month of January? 🙂

It’s been a heckuva trip so far! We’ve spent the last couple of days here in and around the city of Nassau, where we’ve been enjoying the warm temperatures, the beautiful beaches, the incredibly clear, warm waters and of course the warm hospitality of the lovely Bahamian people. Not a bad gig, to be sure! Check out some of the pics from the adventure so far (below). And best of all it’s just beginning! Later today we’re boarding a small ship called the Liberty Clipper for a barefoot cruise around these gorgeous islands, and we can’t wait to see what the journey has in store.

So cheers guys! Hope your new year is off to a terrific start! We’ll drink a few ice-cold Kaliks for y’all (the super good local beer here in the Bahamas), and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Happy travels!

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