A Tall Ship Cruise Through the Bahamas? In January? Yes, Please!

[Posted January 13, 2018]

Well, well, well. This week certainly didn’t suck.

This little travel-show job – like any job – comes with its fair share of ups and downs, and it certainly comes with some pretty amazing perks. And this past week? Yeah. This past week was just so totally cool in so many different ways. One of the best trips we’ve taken in a long, long time! And sure, the fact that we got to spend several glorious sunny days sailing through the Bahamas in the dead middle of ice-cold January was just icing on the ol’ cake. Giddyup!

So check this out. About six years ago, we won a travel video contest with a company called Adventure Life (who are still our great friends and biggest cheerleaders), and in winning this contest we won the opportunity to take a week-long barefoot-style cruise through the Bahamas on a tall ship called the Liberty Clipper. And it was absolutely amazing. We loved everything about it – the boat, the sailing, the food, the beer, the people, the beaches, the water – the whole experience from top to bottom! And in fact we produced a video of our adventure on the Liberty Clipper way back then, which is one of the first videos we ever produced with an eye toward building ourselves a little TV show. Check it out, and see what a cool time it was:

So fast-forward to last year, when we were thinking about adventures and destinations to feature in an upcoming season of our now nationally-broadcast travel show. And it didn’t take much thought at all before we both decided that we just absolutely, positively had to go back and do that whole Liberty Clipper thing again. And film it for the show, for real this time. Long story short, we hollered at the folks who own and operate the boat, and they told us to come on down and they’d have a cabin waiting for us. Heck yeah man.

So below are a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from this past week aboard the Clipper, and hopefully through these photos you’ll be able to tell that we had another absolutely incredible time! Honestly our big worry going into the trip was that it might not live up to the first one, but we can very happily say that the whole experience was even ten times better the second time around. So a great big thanks to the folks from the Liberty Clipper, and to all our fellow passengers for helping make this experience one of our most favorite of all time! Can’t recommend it strongly enough!

Only bad thing is, we’ll all have to wait a bit before the episode actually hits the air, dang it. Season three is fully loaded, so this was actually our first official shoot for season four! So look for this show sometime in 2020. We’ll keep y’all updated! Cheers gang!

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