Adventure Here in Our Backyard: We’re Filming in Wyoming!

[Posted February 17, 2017]

Hey gang!

So fresh on the heels of our announcement about Two for the Road coming back for season two this fall, we’re hard at work finding new adventures and filming new episodes. And we’ve found one of those new adventures right here in the good ol’ USA, in the beautiful Cowboy State of Wyoming!

We first visited Wyoming a few years back, when we took an epic road trip across the state that included stops in Cheyenne, Laramie, Devil’s Tower, and finished up here in the northwestern corner of the state under the magnificent peaks of the Grand Tetons. And we absolutely fell in love. (We also took a quick trip into Yellowstone National Park, which didn’t go so well. Read more about that here.)

But our time in the Tetons grabbed hold of our hearts and never let go! So a couple months back, when we were thinkin’ of聽places here in the US to film episodes for the TV show, the Tetons and Jackson Hole were right at the top of the list. And here we are! We arrived a couple days ago and we’ve had an absolutely incredible week filming in this beautiful, beautiful place. And once you see the episode this fall, we think y’all are gonna fall in love with Jackson Hole too!

Here are a handful of photos from our adventure so far. Check ’em out! And keep in mind that – as they say – the pictures just don’t come anywhere close to doing this place justice. 馃檪 And be sure to follow our Facebook page for lots of groovy updates!

Cheers y’all! Lots more聽to come!

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  1. Chris VanderHart

    Beautiful photos of and adventures in my very favorite place on Earth—I LOVE the Tetons in any season! And–that’s my sweet daughter Rachel that you are snowmobile venturing with!
    I hope WGVU in MI will pick up your show–I look forward to seeing it!

    • Hey Chris! Thanks so much! The Tetons ARE gorgeous any time of year, aren’t they. Spectacular! And we loved meeting and working with Rachel. She’s been the best! Do us a favor and contact WGVU and tell them you’d like them to carry the show. We’d love to be on the air there! Cheers! 馃檪

  2. Chris VanderHart

    Thanks, Dusty! I will contact WGVU with the request. Happy Trails!

  3. Hi guys. Greetings from Fort Worth! The hubs and I love your show; it’s on KERA here in the Metroplex.

    Just watched the re-run of this episode for the third time (MY personal favorite!) and have decided to plan our next vacation to Jackson Hole. We fell in love with the cabin you showed at the beginning of the episode, the one facing the mountains. I wasn’t able to write down the name fast enough, so I was hoping you could forward us their information.

    Thank you both for being such awesome ambassadors of Texas! Good luck with the new season; we can’t wait!

    • Hey Sammi! Oh, we’re SO glad to hear that! We adore Jackson Hole and the Tetons and know you guys will too! We stayed at the Heart Six Guest Ranch. Be sure to let them know we sent ya and maybe they could hook you up with the cabin in the episode. Although the interior of the cabin we showed wasn’t facing the mountain. We had two different cabins because of logistics and bookings. The other cabin we stayed in had a small kitchen and a killer view but wasn’t quite as quaint and cozy. So, we guess it depends on what you’re looking for. The interior cabin was just a hop, skip and a jump from the majestic Tetons though. And the views are really just all the way around you at the Heart Six. The folks are great and they offer all sorts of tours and activities. Please keep us updated on your adventure! We’d love to hear all about it! And do let us know if you have any other questions!

      Oh, and be on the lookout! The new season starts on KERA on October 5th!! Thank you so much for watching! Cheers!

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