Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes of Our Big Adventure in Ireland

Hey gang! So another epic episode is in the books. And this one was so, so special to our hearts. As we talked about in the show, Ireland has been on our bucket list as long as we can both remember, and we’re so happy to say that this place is 1000% more incredible than we’d ever expected!

The beautiful landscapes, the wonderful history, the food, the beer, the culture. All of it. It’s just an amazing place y’all. But the one thing we’ll remember more than any other – and the one thing that makes this place one of our favorites of any place we’ve ever visited – is the people! Can’t think of another place in the world where we’ve felt so welcome, and so right at home. Too cool.

So! Here are a few of the many, many photos we took along the way during our journey here, along with a bit about each. Check ’em out! We hope they’ll give you a sense of what a wonderful experience it was. 

Cheers y’all! Thanks so much for watching and following along! 

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  1. Janet Onken

    Saw Episode #306 on WNIT South Bend PBS.
    Ireland is part of my ancestry. Would love to know what was playing in the background, especially when you were at the Cliffs of Moher. Must have missed it in the credits.

  2. Carolyn Wilson Bennett

    Just saw your Ireland trip on episode 306 on Austin’s KLRU PBS (Q). We’ve been several times and have dear friends there. Thank you for taking us back during Covid, as we yearn to travel back to Connemara as soon as it is safe.

    • Hi Carolyn! So glad you enjoyed the Ireland episode! Oh how we’d love to be back there too! Glad the episode made you feel like you were back, if only for half an hour. We sure understand your yearning and hope we’re all able to safely travel soon. Cheers and thanks so much for watching!

  3. Kara Schallock

    Just found you on PBS in Idaho. Such a great show (Ireland). Looking forward to more! I like your relationship as well.

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