An Amazing Night at Our First Lone Star Emmy Awards! But Alas…

[Posted November 12, 2017]

Well shoot, gang.

It’s been an absolutely amazing night here at our first-ever Lone Star Emmy Awards in San Antonio, but we’re sorry to say we won’t be bringing home any statues this time around. Dang it! We’re definitely pretty bummed. So at the moment we’re drowning our sorrows the proper way – with one last cold one before we call it a night. 

But hey… y’all know what? So we absolutely knew that we were big time underdogs coming into this thing, but holy moly y’all. Actually being down here among these incredibly talented people, and going up against big TV stations and big production houses with big budgets and big crews … well, we just had no idea of how big an underdog we actually were! So all in all it still makes us feel pretty darn good that the two of us, on our own, still managed to land those three nominations. Giddyup. That’s pretty awesome.

So we’ll get ’em next time! And really. Thank you guys so, so, so very much for all your love and support and kind words and encouragement. From the bottom of our hearts. It truly means more to us than you’ll ever know. Y’all are the absolute best. So cheers gang. 

Meantime, we’re movin’ on. It’s gonna be a big week, and we can’t wait to show y’all what’s next. ‘Cause it’s pretty stinkin’ cool.

Until then, have a good one guys! Love y’all!

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