Amazing Video! Time Lapse of a Massive Texas Panhandle Wildfire


[Posted May 11, 2018]

Hey guys. So this has been a nervous kinda day here at the old homestead.

If you didn’t know, when we’re not on the road we have a tiny little place here in the Texas Panhandle that we call home. And we absolutely love, love, love it. The epic wide-open beauty of the landscape out here is truly only surpassed by the beauty of the fine people who live here. We were both born and raised in this area, and quite honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Now that’s all despite the fact that living on the High Plains of Texas can often be a mighty challenge to the hardy folks who choose to settle here. Apart from the tornadoes in spring and summer (and occasionally fall), a year in the life here in the Panhandle typically involves epic bone-chilling blizzards and ice storms in the winter, the wicked nasty dust storms in spring, and that sonofabitchin’ wind, which blows strong and steady and eats at your soul pretty much day after day after day after day.

And then there’s other constant, almost year-round danger that hangs over all our heads here in the Panhandle, especially when we go a spell without much rain: and that’s wildfires.

We haven’t seen much rain around here in a long, long time. It’s bad. It’s dry. Really, really dry. And in the absence of any moisture, the wind-driven wildfires have been chewing away at the land here like crazy. This is video we shot this afternoon of a fire burning just a few miles southeast of our little house, near a little town called Goodnight. And there’s not a single frame of it that’s not absolutely mesmerizing, absolutely awe-inspiring, and absolutely terrifying.

We’re keeping an eye on this thing as it inches toward home. It’s an absolutely monster. We can even hear thunder coming out of it. We’ve never heard thunder coming from a smoke plume before (which we’ve now learned is actually a pyrocumulous cloud). And we’re saying a prayer of thanks and good luck to the brave folks out there in the thick of it. God Bless you guys! And y’all stay safe!

~ Nik & Dusty

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