And That’s a Wrap! Season Three Production Ends in Puerto Rico!

[Posted January 25, 2018]

Hey y’all! So we have just come back home after what’s been an incredible three weeks shooting new episodes in both the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. And we’re so excited to announce that shooting is completely done for season three (the Puerto Rico episodes will be the final two of the season) and the Bahamas episode was our very first shoot for season four! How cool is that?

Now. A word then about Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a place that’s been especially close to our hearts for many years, going back to when we made our very first visit to the island on one of those big cruise ships almost 20 years ago. We’ve been back to the island on our own a few times since then, and with every single visit our love for Puerto Rico and its people, its culture, its food and its landscape just gets deeper and deeper and stronger and stronger. As a personal rule we rarely like to go back to the same place more than once (it’s a great big world out there after all) but Puerto Rico has been and always will be an exception to that rule. It’s just that kind of place to us. We love, love, love it.

In light of that, we had actually been thinking of featuring Puerto Rico in one of our TV show episodes, going all the way back to our very first season. But for whatever reason the timing just never really seemed to work out, and the trip just kept getting pushed back further and further. And then came Hurricane Maria.

Like so many folks who have grown to love Puerto Rico as we do, we were just heartbroken and devastated watching the horrors of Maria (and her aftermath) unfold across the island. Between what was shown on the news, what you’d read about online, and what we’d hear from friends about life in Puerto Rico post-Maria, it just seemed as though life on the island was chaotic, dangerous and impossibly difficult. There was never really a question that Puerto Rico would recover, but what would that recovery look like? How long would it take? And would Puerto Rico ever really be the same as it was before the storm?

We watched all that coverage, asked ourselves all those questions, and we knew then that we absolutely had to get back to Puerto Rico. To see it for ourselves. To talk with our friends. To see what has changed. To see if Puerto Rico can truly recover, in the face of such incredible devastation and tragedy.

And boy, oh boy do we have great news.

Yes! Puerto Rico is back! And despite what you continue to hear on the news, Puerto Rico is as strong and proud and beautiful as ever. And while Hurricane Maria will always be part of its past – there are a few outward signs of storm damage still scattered here and there –  it is abundantly clear that Puerto Ricans are now almost entirely focused on building the island’s very bright and very hopeful future. Have no doubt whatsoever: Puerto Rico is back and they are open for business! And there has quite literally never been a better time to visit, whether it’s your first time or your tenth. What the folks there need more than anything now, is you. Want to help Puerto Rico? Go. Now. And we guarantee you’ll fall in love.

We had such an amazing, educational, inspiring and fulfilling time over these last couple of weeks on the island. We’ve seen and experienced more of Puerto Rico than we ever thought possible, thanks especially to our friends at Condado Insider and Borikua Tours. We did so much during our visit in fact, that we filmed enough for TWO episodes of the show that will undoubtedly close out season three in spectacular fashion. And we can’t wait to show you guys!

Meantime here are a BUNCH of photos from our adventure in Puerto Rico these past couple of weeks, so check ’em out if you get a chance! And feel free to drop us any questions you might have about our trip, what we did or what we saw, or about life in Puerto Rico today. We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love to tell you more!

Cheers guys. Stay tuned. Lots of cool stuff coming soon!

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