Announcing What’s Next: Our Epic Safari Adventure in Tanzania

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So we had an an absolutely amazing time with the Huaorani people at the Huaorani Ecolodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It’s an experience we’ll always cherish and remember… and one we’ll hopefully get to re-live one day. 🙂 But we’re off on our next epic adventure! And we’re so excited today to announce the next stop in our epic global adventure series: wild and beautiful Tanzania!

We had the great pleasure of making our first-ever trip to Africa last year to film this series, thanks to our friends at Adventure Life, Tanzania Journeys and the good people at Tripfilms, which is the world’s largest travel video website. And over the course of the next several weeks, we hope you’ll join us as we bring you the incredible highlights (and dramatic low-lights) of our epic journey across Tanzania, where we go on safari in search of Africa’s legendary “Big Five.” From Lake Manyara National Park to the Ngorongoro Crater to the legendary plains of the Serengeti, it’s without question an incredible, dramatic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. So enjoy this little preview, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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Cheers y’all! Now…. let’s go to Africa!

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