Awesome News Y’all! Season Two is Coming to Create TV in April!

[Updated April 7, 2018]

Howdy there gang! Boy, do we have some very cool news to share!

So the epic adventure that is Two for the Road season two continues to roll out to individual PBS stations across this great country of ours. And we love that you guys are loving it! But we know there’s a whole, whole bunch of y’all out there who still haven’t seen the new season, and you’re gettin’ tired of waiting for the show to come to your neck of the woods. We hear you. And we’re with you! You know, one of the hardest parts about all this for us, is trying to get local PBS stations to actually carry the show. And even when they do it’s really tough to keep track of exactly when and where the show airs in different parts of the country (since each local station decides on its own what to run and when). So suffice it to say getting the show out to you guys is one heckuva challenge for sure. But for a great many of you folks out there, we’re so, so stinkin’ happy to say that the wait is almost over!

Yep! We’re so excited to officially announce that season two will premiere across the country on Create TV beginning Tuesday, April 17th at 10:00pm Central Time, and will run every Tuesday and Thursday night at that same time for a good long while. All thirteen epic episodes. On set days. At a set time. Nationwide. On one of the absolute best channels on television. Giddyup! And if you haven’t seen the trailer for season two yet, be sure to check it out (click here) to get an idea of what’s in store.

Now having said that, we still got a lot of folks asking us about Create TV, and how they can get Create where they live. And you might be one of ’em. So here’s the skinny:

How do I get Create? Or do I get it already?

Yes, chances are actually pretty good that you already have Create, or at least the ability to get it. Many of the major cable systems around the country carry Create, so the first step would be to just look for it in your channel guide and see if it shows up. And it’ll likely be alongside your local PBS station’s main channel. But even if your cable system doesn’t carry Create, you can very likely get it over-the-air, for free, with a simple digital TV antenna. Again, as a part of the national public television system, the network is broadcast over the air and absolutely free of charge to 85% of television households in this country! So it’s very likely there, already, where you live, and you just need that antenna to grab it! Here’s the only bad part: as it is now, we don’t believe Create is carried on satellite providers like Dish or DirecTV unfortunately. But hey! If you search for us and you do find us on satellite where you are, please let us know!

So there are two other super easy ways to figure out whether you’ve got Create in your area: you can click on the map link to the right, which will take you to a searchable, clickable map on the Create TV website that’ll show you where it’s available nationwide. The other thing you can do is just reach out to your local public television (PBS) station, whether by email or social media or telephone, and just ask ’em if Create is available where you live. See? Easy.

What’s the difference between PBS and Create? Will you still be on my local PBS station?

Yes! Or, at least, hopefully we will! Your local station’s primary channel is a whole separate deal from Create, even though both channels exist in what we like to call the “PBS Universe.” By and large, Create is one of those “extra channels” broadcast by your local PBS station in addition to its main channel. And with regard to that main channel: that’s actually where you, the local viewer, have the power!

We’ve been so fortunate to have been picked up by so many local PBS stations around the US, and we want that number to continue to grow until we can get everybody on board! So please do us a solid and let your local station know – by email, Facebook, Twitter,or even a phone call – that you want to see (or continue seeing) Two for the Road on their main channel! In fact, that’s likely where each new season will premiere, so you’ll still get to see our show locally first. So it’s worth emphasizing: please support your local public television station!

Alright then. So having said all that, we know you might still have some questions, and feel absolutely free to holler at us and we’ll help you however we can! But in the meantime, Create has a really informative FAQ page on their website that can hopefully answer your questions better than we can. Click here to check it out. It’s good stuff.

The Countdown to Season Two on Create is On!

So, yeah! We’re beyond excited that season two is coming to a TV set near you! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 17th!

Cheers y’all! And as always, thanks so very much for all your love and support! We’ll have more to come as the big day gets closer.

Happy travels!

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  1. L.A. Rickman

    Love travel shows.
    Just show yours for first time.
    Very good tour of China.
    Just wish the girl would not yell in the voice overs.
    When you’re on camera, you sound normal and pleasant..
    Not so much when reading your scripts.

    • Thank you for watching! If only it was all so easy. It’s a bit of a struggle to host, write, produce, and edit thirteen 30 minute episodes. Voice over is the definitely the hardest part for me. I know people think you should ‘just talk in your regular voice’, but it’s just not that easy. But hopefully with each episode I’ll continue to learn and improve. 😉 Cheers!

  2. Gwen Soper Hatch

    Love your show!! It’s so REAL!! At least it looks that way. My question is how did u get on TV in your quest to sell everything and travel?

    • Thank you so very much Gwen! Dusty worked at an ABC affiliate for years in our hometown. He learned SO much about storytelling, production, editing, etc. And he’s trying his best to teach it all to me. We still have our good days and our bad. lol 😉 We just decided we weren’t happy with what we were doing in our lives, and just up and gave notice to our jobs, sold everything, and hit the road. Haven’t looked back since. We put a pilot together on spec and asked our local PBS station what they thought. They loved it and said they would air it, and they gave us some pointers about how to sort of ‘apply’ for nationwide distribution. The distributors took a chance on us, and here we are! So thankful, grateful, and happy to be doing what we’re doing. Truly living our dream. 😉 Thank you for reaching out! We sure appreciate you watching the show!

  3. Patsy Reed

    Love you guys. Love the show. Your doing a stand up job , nikki.

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