What an Awesome Time at Texas A&M! Thanks So Much Y’all!

[Posted March 11, 2017]

Howdy gang! So we’re at the end of what’s been an amazing week, and our first-ever visit to College Station, Texas, and the campus of Texas A&M University. And we were absolutely blown away by the culture, the people, the traditions and the immense pride that Aggies have in all of it! Here are just a few of the many, many photos from our many great times on and around campus these last few days. Enjoy! And our heartfelt thanks to everyone in the RPTS (Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences) Department and all the Aggies who made our first trip to town so memorable.

Can’t wait to see y’all again! And Gig ‘Em!

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  1. Great pics! My best friend is an Aggie so we live vicariously through her and watch all of the football games at the game watch bar in NYC. It’s crazy fun, everyone is so welcoming and have such a blast. Looks like you guys had fun as well!

    • Thanks! Oh – that’s fantastic! Sounds super fun! We did have a blast! We hope to go back soon to round out the overall experience at a football game! Cheers guys!

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