BOTR 2012: A Note About Our Upcoming Blogs

Hey gang!

We’re here in Washington, DC and having a blast getting ready to kick off the Best of the Road rally 2012! Everything kicks off tomorrow with an opening ceremony at the Air Force Memorial. That’s when we find out where we’ll be going over the next month, and then we hit the road! Can’t wait!

One thing – call it a “programming note” if you will – ALL of our upcoming blog posts and videos associated with the rally over the next few weeks will be posted on the official Best of the Road website at We’ll certainly have links to the material posted here on our own site, as well as a couple of quick notes about each. But everything we generate over the next month will be hosted on the rally’s website. PLUS, there on the rally’s site you can keep track of our travels LIVE via a GPS unit that we’ll be carrying in our car. So you can literally follow along with us mile-by-mile. How cool is that?

Once the rally is over, we’ll be back to posting full blogs and videos here on this site… so please don’t go away! And you can also keep up with us via Facebook and Twitter, which we update regularly. Here’s our info:


Twitter: @teamtwo4theroad

And feel free to drop us a line anytime if you have  any questions, comments or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Cheers everybody! Let’s get this party started….

~ Nik and Dusty


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