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  • The Death of a Drone: Our Tragic Drone Crash Landing in Alaska

    The Death of a Drone: Our Tragic Drone Crash Landing in Alaska

    Generally speaking we’ve [knock on wood] had very, very few issues flying our drone(s), and we pride ourselves on doing it responsibly. But as we learned during our incredible adventure in Alaska, being cautious and conservative doesn’t always mean you’re immune from unexpected disaster.

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  • Two for the Road: Nik & Dusty’s Top Ten Lists

    Top ten lists are all the rage on the blogosphere. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re an easy and effective way to get a quick run down on the coolest things to see, do and taste in any given destination. And here are ours! Our top ten lists from our travels around the world. Enjoy!

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  • Two for the Road: Trip Tips! Sage Advice for Travelers

    Travel is without a doubt one of the coolest things you can do with your life. But it can also be confusing, overwhelming, maddening, and sometimes dangerous. So what’s a traveler to do? two for the Road: Trip Tips are designed to help you navigate the often murky waters of travel.

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  • Two for the Road: Reviews, Rants and Raves

    This should be fun! So there are a lot of things in our world of travel that we absolutely LOVE. And there’s also a decent amount of stuff that just plain pisses us off. And here’s where we get to vent! So click here for product and gear reviews, and to hear us rant and rave about our experiences on the road. We promise to be honest and we’ll try not to use so many curse words…

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  • Two for the Road: Get Out and TRAVEL!

    They say the hardest part of traveling is taking that first step. And that’s very, very true! It’s exceptionally hard to break out of your daily routine, find a way to make your travel dreams come true, and then actually doing it. But we’re here to say you CAN do it! We want you to Get Out and Travel! And this weekly motivational series is designed to help.

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