Season One is Nationwide in January! Here’s the Promo!

Hey y’all! So how cool is this?

Last month we made the announcement that Two for the Road has been accepted for national distribution to public television stations coast to coast (and beyond!), and we’re super excited to roll out our first 30-second national promo spot for season one! Check it out! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Turned out pretty good, don’t you think? 🙂

Want to See Two for the Road Where You Live? We Need Your Help!

Yes, it’s true that our show will be distributed nationwide throughout the public television system, but still it’s up to each individual station to decide whether they want to actually carry the program. That built-in local flexibility is one of the many very cool things about the public television system, as it allows stations to choose programs they feel are best suited to their individual communities. But it makes it kinda tough for independent producers like us. It means that we have to contact and lobby each one of these stations and convince them to actually run our show. And with more than 350 stations in the system? Well, as you can imagine, that’s a mighty tough task for just the two of us. So we need a hand.

Click HERE to see an updated list of stations carrying our show!

If you don’t see your market/station on the list, here’s what you can do! And we would so appreciate it! Contact your local public television (PBS) station via email or through social media, and tell them you want to see Two for the Road in your market! (You can always contact them by phone, but we’ve been told that the stations/programmers prefer email as a means of direct communication. Which we totally get.) And when you do, we’ve actually prepared a little something to help you figure out what to say. Just copy and paste this message in your email if you like, and please please feel free to add your own thoughts!

Hello! I’m writing to ask that you carry an inspiring new adventure travel show called Two for the Road in our market. It will feed from NETA on December 29th (program offer available now on the NETA site). For more information and to screen full episodes, contact producers Nik and Dusty Green at: Thank you!

Better still, offer to become a sustaining member of your local public television station! The ONLY reason we’re able to bring you our show – and do this all ourselves – is because of the public television system and the many, many good people who work so hard to bring you quality, community-focused television (like the folks at our presenting station, Panhandle PBS). And we’re so thankful and proud to be a part of the public television family! So we hope you’ll consider supporting your local station with an ongoing contribution.

We so, so, so appreciate your help, and all the love and support we’re getting from around the country and around the world! And keep checking back for updates!

Cheers y’all!

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