Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes from Our Cruise in Costa Rica and the Panama Canal

So, first a foremost, a correction. We’re never afraid to admit when we’ve goofed and we definitely goofed here.

In the episode, you hear us mention the ship that we’re on as we cruise down the coast of Costa Rica and into the Panama Canal. The Safari Endeavour. Remember? Problem is that boat wasn’t the Safari Endeavour. It was actually the Safari Voyager. Both ships are among the amazing vessels that make up the fleet at UnCruise, a cruise line that we’ve sailed with a couple of times now and absolutely love. In fact, in our defense it was the Safari Endeavour that we filmed on during our trip to Alaska back in season one (which was another amazing trip, by the way). So we reckon we just still had the Endeavour on our minds when we cheated the Voyager out of its well-deserved spot in the limelight. Dang it.

So! Our apologies to our friends at UnCruise and the crew of the Voyager!  And incidentally, it’s worth mentioning that you can absolutely take these very same trips we’ve taken with UnCruise. And we highly, highly recommend them for so many reasons. Before you book your next cruise, and certainly before you consider going on one of those floating-city megacruises, check into an UnCruise adventure first. You will be very, very happy you did! So here are links to the itineraries we traveled. Check ’em out! And tell them we sent you. 🙂

Unveiled Wonders – Costa Rica and the Panama Canal

Alaska’s Glacier Country

But hopefully if you’ve seen these episodes, you can see that they really sell themselves. And our journey aboard the Voyager through some of the most pristine and beautiful waters and places in the world was an absolute joy! Here’s a gallery of photos we snapped along the way! Hope y’all enjoy!

Again our thanks to the good folks at UnCruise and our friends at Adventure Life for the opportunity! Too stinkin’ cool.

Cheers y’all! 

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  1. Carole o'connell

    Just started getting your show on our pbs station. Just watched Africa. Loved it!

  2. It was a fun week! Glad we got to share it with you. Look forward to following more of your adventures!

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