Costa Rica: Ziplining and Canyoning at Amazing Arenal Volcano

Holy moly, y’all.

Costa Rica is absolutely chock-full of stunning sights and incredible experiences. But few sights in Costa Rica (or in the world for that matter) are as awe-inspiring as the spectacular Arenal Volcano. And there are more crazy cool things to do and see around the base of the volcano than you can shake a stick at. But here’s a closer look at a few of the adventures we found during our visit:

Rappell down a 165-foot waterfall. And live to tell!

Yep. We’ll get right to this one, because it was without a doubt the most exhilarating, dramatic and mind-blowing of the whole bunch. And if you happened to see our season two premiere episode from Costa Rica, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Wasn’t that absolutely¬†wild?

So our good friends at Adventure Life hooked us up with a half-day tour with a company called Pure Trek Canyoning, which sounded awfully interesting. We’d never gone “canyoning” before, and honestly didn’t really know what the hell “canyoning” was. But a quick bit of research online told us everything we needed to know: canyoning around Arenal involves rappelling down a series of waterfalls near the base of the volcano, the tallest of which clocks in at roughly 165 feet high!

We were both a little nervous going into the whole thing (Nik, as you might have noticed, was especially nervous) because we’d never really done much in the way of rappelling before, much less down steep, slippery tropical waterfalls. But is sure sounded like one hell of an adventure, and turns out, it absolutely was. We had an amazing, amazing time.

The second best thing about our canyoning experience in Arenal (aside from the thrill of the experience itself) was without a doubt our Pure Trek guides. They knew we were nervous (as we’re sure lots and lots and lots of people who do this are), and they took amazing care of us and everyone in our group. They were professional, knowledgeable and made us feel 100% safe about the whole thing. So, yeah. If you’re in the area, you’ve absolutely gotta do it. Seriously. Don’t let your fears or worries hold you back from this one. And you’ll walk away with a great big smile and memories of an experience of a lifetime.

Same could be said, really, for the other epic excursion we took in Arenal: a ziplining tour at SkyTrek Arenal. Wow man! We’ve been fortunate to have done a fair amount if ziplining in some beautiful places around the world, but SkyTrek Arenal is absolutely in the top three. Maybe the top two.

As mentioned in the episode there are seven zip lines in total that make up the SkyTrek course, and they’re all pretty sweet. But the first one (the highest in all of Costa Rica) and the sixth one (the longest and fastest of the bunch) will both just absolutely blow your mind. And the view from line number one is certainly the best, but several of the lines offer spectacular glimpses of the Arenal Volcano as you soar atop the canopy. So. Much. Fun. Highly recommend!

What We Did:

The Ultimate Waterfall Rappel from Pure Trek Canyoning: Click HERE to visit their site.

The Ultimate Zip Line Experience from SkyTrek Arenal: Click HERE to visit their site.

Holler if you have any questions! Cheers y’all!

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