Episode Extra: A Visit to Alaska’s Mighty Dawes Glacier (VIDEO)

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It’s a big, wild, wonderful state with so many things to see and do. But few experiences in Alaska are as quintessentially Alaskan as a visit to a glacier. Glaciers are big, big tourist attractions in Alaska, and for good reason. The state is home to several big, beautiful glaciers that are relatively accessible to the public through one means of travel or another. And whether you choose to go on foot, by plane, by boat, by helicopter or by dogsled, there are a number of tour companies and guides (including and especially our friends at Adventure Life) who will help you fulfill your dream of seeing an Alaskan glacier up close.

So you can imagine our excitement when we hopped on board our ship, the Safari Endeavour, and learned that the first stop on our UnCruise itinerary was a visit to a place called Endicott Arm south of Juneau, home to a spectacular glacier known as the Dawes Glacier. The plan was (weather permitting, of course) to get the ship into Endicott Arm, and then launch a couple of what they call “small boats” (like big Zodiacs) and try to get up close and personal with the glacier and get some incredible photos and video. Giddyup.

So come along with us on our adventure to the Dawes Glacier, see how it turned out, and enjoy some of the amazing sights along the way!

Happy travels y’all!

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