VIDEO: Eating Fried Tarantula! And What the Heck Are We Up To?

Two for the Road: Nik and Dusty

Howdy peeps! Hope you and yours are well and are enjoying the holiday season!

Okay. So. We haven’t brought you many updates lately, and we’ve been slow posting to social media as well. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Far from it, in fact. Truth be told, we’ve been too busy to bring you regular episodes/updates. And it’s actually been a wonderful thing. Check it out…

As we speak we are nearing the home stretch of one of our most ambitious adventures to date! For the last six incredible weeks we have been running all around China and Southeast Asia thanks to our great friends at Adventure Life, soaking up the cultures, seeing the sights, meeting the people, and yes… trying lots and lots and lots of new and tasty and [*ahem*] interesting foods. And it’s on that note we’re prepared to entertain you tonight…

So you’ve gotta see this. This is a rough, behind the scenes cut of our visit a few days ago to the Central Market in lovely Phnom Penh Cambodia, where we spent a few hours exploring with our guide from Khiri Travel… and we just happened upon a tasty-looking basket of traditional pan-fried Cambodian tarantulas. And yes, because the headline above mentions “eating fried tarantula” you can probably correctly guess what happened next. So enjoy! And keep reading down below to find out more about what we’re up to over here!

Bon Appétit…

[Click on the image above to watch the video]

We feel kind of bad. We’ve shot hours and hours of incredible footage around Cambodia, not to mention China, Vietnam and now Laos. And this is what we decided to share. But hey! For some reason, one of the biggest fascinations we collectively enjoy as human beings is watching other human beings cram their mouths with weird, exotic and usually disgusting stuff. So there you go. And no, the tarantula really wasn’t disgusting. But weird and exotic? Yup. And yup.

So What’s Next?

As mentioned we’re in the home stretch of our great adventure over here. We’ll be shooting in Laos the next few days, then on to Thailand, and a quick stop for a few days in Hong Kong before heading back to the good ol’ U-S-of-A. And once we get back and get settled we’ll be bringing you weekly episodes and lots of great stuff again on a regular basis. But it’ll probably be after the holidays. And after we spend several days resting up, relaxing, enjoying friends and family, and catching up on all the Mexican food and Whataburger and cold beer we’ve been missing for the last two months. Which has been the hardest part of this whole deal. 🙂

So cheers y’all! And happy holidays! We can’t wait to share all these incredible stories (and more) with you guys, and we’re looking forward to what’s shaping up to be a monumental 2016.

Happy travels!


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  1. Well, thank for the video. I did eat Spider as well each time I travel to provinces.

    I saw the picture you took the boat in Siem Reap as well. I hope you enjoyed your time in Cambodia. Good luck for Laos and Thailand.

    • Spider has never been on my list of things I’d like to try, but I’m glad Dusty is such a trooper! Now I’ll sort of know how it tastes without really having to taste it. 🙂 We had a GREAT time in Cambodia and hope to return again someday! Thanks so much! ~Nik

  2. So cool! I can’t wait to visit Cambodia, and maybe eat a tarantula too!

    • Thanks Erika! Cambodia is amazing, and the tarantula… well… you’ve just gotta try it. At least once. 🙂 Cheers! Hope you’re doing welll!

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