Episode Extra: Sex, Warthogs and Thievery in Tarangire (VIDEO)

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Our epic search for Africa’s legendary Big Five continues! And this week, we’re back in the truck and back on safari in a place called Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania.

Tarangire actually translates locally to “river of wild hogs,” or “river of warthogs.” So we were definitely excited at the thought of seeing warthogs in the wild for the first time, especially since our guide Joseph warned us that even though the wildlife is plentiful in Tarangire, it’s unlikely that we’ll find more members of the Big Five beyond elephants.

Beyond the warthogs, we聽did expect聽to see lots of groovy stuff and lots of incredible animals during our drive around the park… but we didn’t expect to get bull-rushed by a horny baboon. Or to get robbed by a sandwich-thieving monkey, for that matter. So, yeah. It turned out to be an interesting day to say the least!

So come along with us on our latest adventure, courtesy of our friends at Adventure Life, Tanzania Journeys and Tripfilms. And guard your sandwich with your life!

Cheers y’all!

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  1. Deann Mancuso

    HAHA! Now that was funny …. From monkey sex to monkey thriving the sandwich!! Hope Dusty shared his sandwich with you!!! Looks like hall are having lots of fun!!!!

    • Lol! Pretty crazy stuff Deann! Dusty did share his sandwich thankfully 馃槈 I guess I’ll keep him around. <3

  2. Joe Halcomb

    WOW I didn’t know it was going to be a real porn movie LOL. I enjoyed it even the porn HAHA

    • Hahaha Joe! You could probably tell by my facial expression that I wasn’t so sure about it myself. I was a tad uncomfortable. But it did make for funny video 馃檪 Thanks for watching!

  3. Lorna Kaye Wade

    OMG, that was the best yet…..Monkey sex, a thieving sandwich monkey that literally ate the bag and all, except the onions….lol….this one was what I call a REAL TRIP….lol….just wait every Tuesday for your film clips….keep them coming….I don’t know any tour quides that we could of had that would of done this job better than Nik and Dusty 馃檪

    • Lol. Thanks Lorna! It was a ‘real trip’ for sure. In our wildest dreams, we wouldn’t have expected a day quite like that one. Thanks for following along. We so appreciate your kind words!!

  4. Elisabeth Halbach

    It’s Truly a Wild Animal Kingdom~ thanks for taking us along

  5. Elisabeth Halbach

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