VIDEO: Crossing the Infamous Drake Passage to Antarctica

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Horror stories.

Not to put too dramatic a point on it, but that’s all we’ve ever heard, really, about the Drake Passage. Horror stories of varying degrees. It’s just that some of those horror stories are less terrifying than others. And chances are, if you’ve ever seen anything to do with the Drake it’s almost certainly involved footage of a ship of considerable size being tossed violently around in gigantic waves, like a poor, ragged toy in a rowdy child’s bathtub. (Click here to see an example of what we mean. And be sure to watch at least until the 30 second point. Boom!)

And the threat of very, very rough seas is actually very, very real. In fact, as we left Ushuaia and made our way down the Beagle Channel toward open ocean (and the Drake), we were all strongly encouraged to “Drake-proof” our cabins… which means to put everything in the cabin as low to the floor as possible and tie down and/or safely secure anything else that might otherwise get tossed helplessly around the cabin when the Drake strikes. It’s frightening enough that some folks who travel to Antarctica from Ushuaia even opt to fly across the Drake instead (which is another adventure altogether from what we’ve seen).

So with all that in mind, this week’s episode focuses on our two-day Adventure Life / One Ocean Expeditions voyage across the mighty and fearsome Drake, and the (literal) ups and downs we felt during the crossing. Wish us luck!

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  1. Lorna Kaye Wade

    I love your travels and enjoy watching every film you put out….can’t wait until the next one Nik & Dusty

    • Thanks Lorna! It’s our privilege to do this and share with you! Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride 🙂

  2. Shelley Bishop

    How awesome is this!!!! Love and look forward to many more exciting films !!!! I envy you guys !!!! Stay safe !!!!

  3. Renea Swink

    Nikki, love , love, love watching! This is awesome!

  4. That crossing is wild! On our expedition ship, most passengers took the seasick meds passed out by the ship’s doctor (and those that didn’t regretted it). Ropes were strung across the dining room so we could hold on to them to move from the stairway to our table. But once we reached the Antarctic Peninsula, it was soooo worth it!

    • RIGHT? We tell people it’s a bit like you’re in a rodeo riding a bull for two days. Just gotta hang on for the ride! 🙂 Thanks, and hope you’ll watch next week and re-live that incredible peninsula adventure with us. Cheers!

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