VIDEO: Whales! Penguins! and Our Antarctic Disaster…

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So we feel safe saying that any and every Antarctic adventure will include a fair amount of drama.

Not drama in the negative sense of the world necessarily – though there’s likely to be some of that as well. In our case for example, the weather alone has created a decent amount of drama that we could’ve honestly done without. (But hey! It makes for a better story in the end, right?)

But Antarctica in and of itself is a dramatic place, no two ways around that. The incredible landscape. The gargantuan glaciers. The stately icebergs. And, as you’ll see this week, the amazing wildlife. Particularly the whales. You can certainly enjoy a day of whale watching at any number of beautiful places around the planet – and thanks to the good folks at Adventure Life we’ve been very fortunate to have done a bit of that – but whale watching in Antarctica (like most any experience in Antarctica) is its own unique and thrilling experience. And brings with it an entirely new level of… well… a feeling of “connectedness” with the natural world. Being at the bottom of the world, on the seventh continent, you’re practically alone, and you’re sitting there in awe on the Zodiac as you look a humpback whale square in the eye. It’s one of those things that’s hard to describe really. But those of you who’ve been know exactly what we mean.

So this week’s episode kicks off with some of that dramatic whale watching. We get up close with several humpbacks during our incredible visit to Wilhelmina Bay. Then we’ll hang out in a penguin colony on Pleneau Island. And then of course… the big, dramatic finish, which ends with our first-ever visit from the ship’s doctor. (And big thanks to the One Ocean Expeditions crew for taking great care of us!)

Yep! This week’s episode has it all, folks: joy, fear, excitement, pain, beautiful scenery and lots of cute little penguins. Let us know what you think! And what about that ending?

Cheers gang! Enjoy!

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  1. Eric Rondeau

    Wow great episode, Poor baby… Hope your OK. Sharing 🙂

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