Episode Extra: A Day Exploring Guatemala’s Ancient City of Tikal


Tikal National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the major sites of Mayan civilization. And it is a site to see for sure! We arrived early in the morning to catch the sunrise, and we’re so glad we did (even though thanks to the morning cloud cover we never actually saw the sunrise, but no worries). From the symphony of sounds of the jungle surrounding us, to the excited travelers and spiritually groovy folks seated next to us, to the whole sunrise experience itself – it sure was a beautiful morning that we’ll always cherish!

Tikal is located in Northern Guatemala’s Peten Province, and actually stretches into Mexico and Belize. It’s one of the largest archaeological sites from the ancient Mayan civilization. Some of the temples date all the way back to the fourth century B.C., but most of the huge temples were actually built during the eighth century AD. And it is said that Tikal was the greatest city in the Mayan world at the time! In fact population estimates vary from 10,000 to as high as 90,000 inhabitants, with the most likely figure at the upper end, experts say. But the glory days certainly didn’t last forever. The site was abandoned by the end of the 10th century, and wasn’t until 1848 when the site was thankfully re-discovered.

Here’s a video from our morning in Tikal, which we produced for our great friends and partners at Adventure Life, who offer some absolutely incredible tours of Guatemala, including the one we took and filmed. So enjoy! And get yourself down to Guatemala when you can!

Cheers y’all! Thanks as always for watching!

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