Episode Extra: A Photo Tour Through the Gorgeous Greek Islands

So. Yeah. Isn’t Greece just crazy, crazy beautiful? Geez man.

As we mentioned in the episode, we wore our cameras out shooting hours and hours of video and taking hundreds of photos during our amazing cruise through the Cyclades. Far, far too many to share here unfortunately! But we just couldn’t help ourselves. Greece is just so incredibly photogenic! And if you’ve been lucky to visit Greece yourself you know exactly what we mean. The landscapes, the buildings, the beaches, the food, the people… it’ll all just blow you away. We’re so lucky to have gotten the chance to sail aboard the Galileo and can’t recommend that experience highly enough!

One word of advice though guys – and this was literally the only thing (aside from the crowds) that took away from the experience – and that was the wind. We were in Greece in July, which is when a phenomenon called the Meltemi winds begin blowing across the islands. And they blow hard and pretty much non-stop! Which was a big downer because we weren’t able to make as many swim stops aboard the Galileo since the high winds made the waters just too dang choppy. So if you’re planning a trip to Greece definitely do some research on the Meltemis and make sure you know what you’re in for. Definitely don’t let it stop you from going! But again, just go knowing what you might be getting in to.

But, yeah. Other than that, it was a magnificent experience! And we hope we managed to capture some of that magic for you guys in this episode. We just fell completely in love with Greece and hope we’ll get to return someday.

Meantime, here are a bunch of photos from our adventure that we though y’all might enjoy! And as always, drop us a line if you have any questions, or if you’d like to share your own thoughts and experiences! We’d love to hear ’em!

Cheers y’all! Thanks as always for comin’ along with us, and safe travels!

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  1. Raymond Garcia

    Hey me and my niece are headed to Greece and few islands. So it’s good see your pics. Ray and Kathy

    • Awesome! Hope you guys have a GREAT time! Be sure to let us know your favorite parts of the trip. Safe travels!

  2. Karl Snider

    My church choir will be on Syros in July. Your pictures make me even more anxious to see it all.

  3. Mike and Lucy

    My wife and I are heading there at the end of September. We love your show and thanks for helping us make the final decision to go.

    • Oh! That’s fantastic, Mike! Are you going on a cruise or will you be land based? Please keep us posted! We’d love to hear all about it. And too cool to hear we helped make your final decision! We just love to hear that! Hope you have a blast! Safe travels! N+D

  4. loved the episode. did you make a stop at naxos?

    • Thank you so much, Nickolas! Unfortunately Naxos wasn’t part of our itinerary! Guess that’s a good reason to go back, huh?!

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