Bolivia Episode Extra: A Spooky Cool Night Hike in the Amazon Jungle (VIDEO)


It was quite the adventure just getting to the Chalalan EcoLodge located deep in Bolivia’s Amazon rain forest, but it sure as heck was worth the effort! And between the journey itself, the singing frogs, the screaming pihas, the monster piranha and the crowds of squirrel monkeys, we sure hope you guys enjoyed this segment of the show. It truly is a fascinating, beautiful place and we were honored to be guests of the local folks who own and operate the lodge. Cool stuff!

Here’s a little something from our visit to Chalalan that didn’t make the show – but it’s still pretty dang cool. Our local guide Obe convinced us one night to venture out into the pitch-dark jungle to see what kinds of wildlife we could find. And it’s pretty wild for sure! So join us for the hike! And watch out for the snakes, spiders, ants, bats, and all those other critters that come out when the sun goes down. Careful now! 🙂

Cheers y’all! And thanks for watching!

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