Episode Extra: A Video Tour of “The House That Rum Built,” Ponce’s Beautiful Castillo Serralles


So hopefully y’all got to see our big season finale episode from Puerto Rico! And if you did you saw the segment where we get a very special behind-the-scenes tour of the historic Serralles Distillery in Ponce, where they craft Puerto Rico’s beloved Don Q rum. And while public tours of the distillery are rare, anyone and everyone who visits Ponce can visit Castillo Serrales – the Serralles Castle – which is known as “the house that rum built.” And it is gorgeous!

Originally built in the 1930’s by Juan Eugenio Serralles, the son of the distillery’s founder Juan Serralles, it was purchased from the Serralles family by the city of Ponce back in the 1980s. Today it operates as a museum, and is one of Ponce’s most popular attractions. And walking through it is a fascinating walk back through not only Serralles family history, but the history of Ponce and Puerto Rico itself.

Learn much more in the video above! And definitely schedule a tour of the castle if you ever make your way to Ponce. And enjoy some Don Q for us at the end of the tour!

Cheers y’all. And thanks as always for watching!

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  1. Joe Luccioni

    Awesome history from my place of birth.

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