Episode Extra: A Visit to Isla Flores, Guatemala’s Hidden Paradise


Guatemala is abundant with hidden, magical little places that you’ll just fall completely in love with from the moment you arrive. And Isla Flores is absolutely one of them!

Although “hidden” is a relative term here, because for the thousands of people from around the world who visit the famous and historic ruins of Tikal nearby, the town of Flores (and Isla Flores) is a familiar stopping off spot, or a familiar place to stay, or a familiar place to unwind and relax after exploring the ruins. Having never visited Tikal before this trip, we honestly had never heard of Isla Flores and had absolutely no idea – until we arrived – that we would fall head over heels for it.

The old part of the city of Flores is the part that actually lies out on the island, which sits in Lake Peten Itza and is connected to the mainland by a small causeway. It’s chock-full of super cool little cafes, restaurants, shops and boutique hotels, and watersports abound, offered by a variety of local guides who will gladly take you out on a leisurely cruise or fishing trip or kayak trip out on the lake. And the only bad part about our visit to Isla Flores is the fact that since we didn’t do our research about this place ahead of time, we didn’t build any time into the schedule to enjoy the place, save for a couple of spare hours we got to enjoy there on our way in and out of Tikal. And what a crying shame.

So! We’re certainly not experts on all there is to see and do here, but other folks have visited and have done the work (and really experienced Isla Flores) much more thoroughly than we could. And here’s a really great write-up from fellow traveler Amelia Rayno, who really does the place justice. Check it out if you have a sec! We sure hope we’ll be able to return to Isla Flores and spend some quality down time some day. And hope you’ll get to see it yourself!

Cheers gang! Love and hugs to all.

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