Episode Extra: A Peaceful Overnight Adventure in Beautiful Mai Chau, Vietnam


So our experience in Hanoi was absolutely action-packed from start to finish! Wonderfully crazy, but still a bit crazy nonetheless. Which made our short overnight adventure from Hanoi to Vietnam’s Mai Chau valley all the more terrific.

Not to take anything away from Hanoi at all, but Mai Chau is pretty much the exact opposite of Hanoi, in all the coolest ways. Quiet, peaceful, and absolutely gorgeous! We honestly didn’t know much about the Mai Chau valley until our great friends at Adventure Life recommended it as a quick and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. And we’re so glad they did! And with the additional help of the folks from Khiri Travel in-country, we were able to spend a couple of really great days in Mai Chau relaxing, enjoying nature, riding bikes through the rice fields, meeting the locals, getting to know the local culture, exploring the spectacular cave systems, and soaking up a little bit of life in this beautiful little corner of Vietnam.

Here’s a little video we produced for Adventure Life, to help them introduce Mai Chau to travelers looking to get away from the craziness of Hanoi for a day or two. And we think it captures the experience pretty well! So enjoy!

Thanks as always for watching guys. And safe and happy travels!


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