Episode Extra: An Unforgettable Stay Under the Stars at Pitahaya Glamping Eco-Retreat in Cabo Rojo


It took a while, but the phenomenon known as “glamping” finally arrived in Puerto Rico just a couple of years ago. But have no doubt it arrived in amazing fashion. This is one of our favorite places anywhere!

During our adventure through southern and southwestern Puerto Rico (and the area known as “Cabo Rojo”) we were lucky to stay a night at the fantastic Pitahaya Glamping Eco-Retreat. And to be honest, that’s the only complaint we had about our stay. The fact that it was only one night! Filmmaker Manolo Ramos has done an incredible job of bringing world-class glamping to Puerto Rico, and one that will certainly be admired and copied by others across the island in short time. But no one can duplicate the experience of staying at Pitahaya, especially given the fantastic location that feels far away from the rest of the world, and sits under some of the darkest and most beautiful night skies anywhere in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a little video tour we did during our all-too-short visit to Pitahaya. And just watching it ourselves, we’re itching to get back there and spend more down time! Hope you enjoy, and we hope you’ll give Manolo a shout if you ever get down to Cabo Rojo.

Cheers y’all. Safe travels. And thanks as always for watching!

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