Episode Extra: A Crazy Cool Ride on the Cowboy Mountain Coaster

Yep! So. Who knew there was such a thing as a mountain roller coaster! In this Two for the Road Episode Extra, come along for a wicked wild ride – from start to finish – on the super cool Cowboy Coaster at Snow King Resort in Jackson, Wyoming. Enjoy! And hang on to your butts!

How stinkin’ cool is that? Have y’all ever done something like that? Freaking awesome.

And like we said, that’s just one of several very cool things to do, see, taste and experience at Snow King Resort and Snow King Mountain in beautiful Jackson. Just wish we had more time to see and do it all. But hey! There’s always next time…

Cheers guys! Happy travels!

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  1. David Compton

    That is so so cool!

  2. Dan Burke

    Great show truly enjoy watching

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