Episode Extra: Exploring the Train Graveyard of Uyuni, Bolivia


So we really, really hated that we just didn’t have time to fit this little segment into the episode. Because it’s really fascinating! Just outside the town of Uyuni in southern Bolivia is a wicked cool train graveyard where dozens of old locomotives and rail cars have just been sitting there, rotting away in the desert since the 1940s. Uyuni is an old mining town, after all, and it served as a major distribution hub for trains carrying minerals across to the Pacific Ocean. And when the mining business went bust, no one thought (or cared) to do anything about the trains that were left behind. And they’re still out there today – what’s left of them – for tourists to wonder at, photograph, and crawl atop. Check it out! Just watch your step. 🙂

And if you’re still hungry to learn more about the train graveyard, here are some photos from our visit, and a couple of quick and reliable (and informative) links:

Welcome to Bolivia’s Haunting Train Graveyard (via Culture Trip)

Uyuni and the Surrounding Area (via Wikipedia)

Cheers guys! Thanks for watching!

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  1. I love you Guys.. You both are great. I Sooo Glad you decided to take a chance, And take the LEAP. And take this Project on .. It’s Working…. Good Luck in the Future.. Ben..

    • Thanks so much Ben! That’s awesome. We really appreciate it! And best of luck to you as well. Thank you for watching and being a part of the journey! Cheers!

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