Episode Extra: Fishing for Adventure in La Parguera, Puerto Rico


We love, love, love ALL of Puerto Rico. For sure. But the southwestern part of the main island has got to be our favorite. It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful and quiet, and driving through the wide open spaces toward Cabo Rojo will remind you a bit of driving through West Texas. So it’s easy for us to feel at home there.

And in addition to the famous lighthouse out on Cabo Rojo itself, the little village of La Parguera will absolutely charm your socks off. Known mainly as a fishing town and famous for the colorful cottages that line the waters of its coast, La Parguera is also the center of adventure sports in the area. Its alluring islands, pristine mangrove forests and beautiful beaches provide a paradise for sunbathers and kayakers and paddleboarders and the like, while its crystal clear waters beckon swimmers and snorkelers and especially divers from all over the globe.

But! Being a big fishin’ town we wanted to spend our day in La Parguera trying our luck out on the ocean. So thanks to our buddy Robert at Borikua Tours, we were able to hook up (pun intended) with Captain Frank Torres, a seasoned local fisherman and Dive Master who runs a guide service called Frank Ocean Trips. And as you’ll see in the video from our adventure, we had a big time! Caught lots of fish, a few really nice ones in fact, and just had a terrific day kickin’ it on the water with good people. Oh! And yes, as it turned out the ladies caught more fish than the men. Of course! #GirlPower!

Cheers y’all. Hope you enjoy! And if you ever get down to Puerto Rico give Robert and Captain Frank a holler. Tell ’em we sent you! And prepare to have an amazing time.

Thanks for watching!

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