Episode Extra: Photos from the Extraordinary Canadian Arctic

To be perfectly honest, few places we’ve traveled around the world surprised us quite like the Arctic surprised us.

But we were surprised in the most wonderful ways by this uniquely beautiful part of the planet and the beautiful people who call it home. And the reason it surprised us like it did, probably has to do with the fact that we knew very, very little about this part of northern Canada before actually hopping on board the ship and heading that way. From everything we’d been taught and just about everything we’d seen with regard to the Arctic, well… we just kind of figured it was a vast, cold, desolate, inhospitable expanse of land barely worth visiting. And we were absolutely right! Except for that last part.

Yep. It’s vast, cold, desolate and inhospitable. And so, so, so beautiful. Dramatically beautiful. Kind of like Antarctica in that way, we suppose. The landscapes, the icebergs, the sea ice, the sunsets. Gosh y’all, we could go on and go. But suffice it to say we loved every minute of our adventure in the Arctic (okay, except the whole seasickness part) and the experience and the people still hold a very special place in our hearts. Our thanks to our great friends at Adventure Life and One Ocean Expeditions for the opportunity! And we sure hope you’ll get the chance to visit some day as well.

Meantime, here are a few photos from our adventure that’ll hopefully give you a better idea of the dramatic beauty that we mentioned! Enjoy! And as always, drop us a line with any comments or questions. Love to hear from you!

Cheers y’all! Safe travels!

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