Episode Extra: Snowmobile Adventure to the Granite Hot Springs

So! Fresh off Nik’s little accident while snowmobiling near Grand Teton National Park, we saddle up again with Togwotee Adventures for another epic snowmobile adventure near Jackson, Wyoming! And with a scenic stop at spectacular Granite Falls to boot! So y’all come along and join us for a soothing dip in Granite Hot Springs! And just let your worries melt away…

Gotta say we hate, hate, hate that we didn’t have time for this segment in the actual episode. Dang it! But still, we’re sure glad we got the chance to do this. The ride is amazing, the scenery is amazing, and the hot springs themselves? Holy moly, man. Just so stinkin’ cool

If you’re interested, Togwotee Adventures in Jackson can hook you up with this trip, which we absolutely recommend. Holler at ’em next time you’re in town!

Cheers guys! Happy travels!

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