Bahamas: Feasting at the Nassau Fish Fry

So! Who’s hungry?

Gotta say we were both sick – SICK – after spending our day at the Fish Fry in Nassau. No, not because of the food. Wait. Well, YES because of the food! You know when you get your hands on food so good you just keep eating, and eating and eating? Yep. That’s what happened at the Fish Fry. We weren’t sick because the food was bad. We were sick ’cause it was just too damned tasty. We just flat-out lost any self control.
The Fish Fry Nassau BahamasPrior to our visit, neither of us can say with certainty that we’d ever eaten conch before. (And yes, it’s pronounced conk, not consh!) And we ate so much of it during out visit to the Bahamas that, to be honest, it’ll be some time before we’ll be able to enjoy it again. Just thinking about it now makes us feel full. BUT! That definitely shouldn’t stop you from, if you’re ever in Nassau, taking a quick trip over to the Fish Fry for lunch. Seriously once you get there, the most difficult problem you’ll face is trying to decide which of the colorful little restaurants to try first.

Regardless of where you dine – and yes, we’d certainly recommend either Frankie Gone Bananas or Twin Brothers – you do absolutely have to sample both the conch fritters and the conch salad. And if you’re wondering what the conch salad specifically is like, we’d compare it to something like shrimp ceviche. Mmmm mmmm good. And it’s pretty cool being able to sit there and watch the saladsĀ  being made from scratch.

Best of all if you’re in need of a great place to recover after overeating, the Fish Fry is located on Arawak Cay, literally right next to Junkanoo Beach – a great little stretch of white sand right there in the middle of Nassau. So you can kick back with your feet in the sand and drink a cold Kalik beer while you and your stomach both revel in sheer Bahamian satisfaction. Good stuff.

Cheers guys! Bon appetit!

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