Flying High Over Beautiful Panama City Beach

So if you know a little about us, you know how much we love to fly.

Especially when we get the chance to get up in a helicopter. There’s a certain thrill you get – that rush of adrenaline – when you feel the distinctive motion of the chopper lifting away from the earth and floating into the sky. And we always prefer to go “doors-off” when we fly, which adds another very cool level of excitement and immersion to the whole experience. So yeah. If you’ve never been up in a helicopter, you’ve gotta give it a go. At least once.

So when we got the chance to take a sky ride over Panama City Beach we naturally jumped at it. And so glad we did! As you’ll see, it was an awesome ride and the views were just spectacular. JR and the gang at Panhandle Helicopter are super folks and took great care of us. But still, we’ve actually been going back and forth as to whether or not we should actually share this video with you guys.

Why is that exactly? Well as we’ve mentioned a few times in this series on Panama City Beach for Tripfilms, our visit to town came right after an unusually nasty period of heavy, heavy rains in the area that – among other things – turned the clear, beautiful waters on the Emerald Coast a dingy, greenish-brown color. You can see it in our other PCB videos – and you will most definitely notice it in this one, since we’re up there getting the birds-eye view. And it would be a disservice to folks there if we didn’t point that out before you watched. So don’t let the color of the water “color” your impressions of the area. (Ha! Clever, huh?)

Next time: we head over for some sun and sand at beautiful Shell Island! And be sure to check out our other videos from Panama City Beach:

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Cheers y’all!

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  1. Awesome footage! Nothing like getting a bird’s eye view of a new place. Too bad the water wasn’t as clear as usual, but it still looks pretty good – bigger waves than normal, too!

    • Dusty Green

      Thanks Josh! It was a beautiful day and a great ride. And we totally agree about the water. Sucks that the only time we could visit was after all that rain. But that just means we’ll have to come back….. 🙂

  2. richard verde

    Speaking of flying “doors off,” remember you Osprey flight? The way you introduced yourself to the reporter from CNN? Fun times!

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