Found it! Here’s the Long Lost Original Two for the Road Trailer!

[Posted September 22, 2018]

So this is pretty awesome y’all. And it’s really special to us. Check this out.

We’re actually home now for a few days and we’ve been spending a little time going back through old files and old folders and old memories, and in the process of doing that we came across this. And this is something. It’s the very, very first trailer for this crazy little idea we had over a decade ago called “Two for the Road.” And really. How cool is this?

Coincidentally, come to find out, this little video made its premiere ten years ago this month! Crazy! We hadn’t seen this thing in many years, so as y’all might imagine it’s been pretty cool to sit down and watch again. And we figured what the heck – y’all might get a kick out of it too.  Here goes…

So everything you see in this video is from the amazing adventure that completely changed our lives and how we see the world and how we think about people and about this life. We know we’re prone to getting carried away about things sometimes, but we seriously can’t overstate how that whole experience affected the both of us.

Really, really long story short: when we quit our jobs and sold our stuff all those years ago, we took what little money we had left and decided – at 34 years old – to go backpacking around Central and South America. To see as much as we possibly could, for as long as we possibly could, until the money we’d saved up ran out. Beyond that, there was no plan. And no safety net. And no idea of what would happen next. Crazy times.

In all the money lasted about seven months, and it all went by in an absolute flash. But those seven months were the most incredibly fulfilling and the most incredibly difficult of our lives, no question. We woke up literally every single day to a new adventure of some sort, could’ve been good or bad. There was Spanish school in Costa Rica. That little run-in with the police in Argentina. Getting stranded in the desert in Bolivia. That crazy guy in that village in Uruguay. The fireworks on New Year’s in Chile. And Machu Picchu. Getting that first look at Machu PIcchu. Holy moly.

What a ride.

So, after getting back to the U.S. and sifting through the hundreds of hours of footage that we’d shot over the course of that entire experience, we decided to really, actually give this whole “Two for the Road” TV show thing a go. So we sat down and crafted this trailer – along with a full-fledged 30-minute pilot episode – hoping to pitch the show to some of the networks and see if somebody out there would pick it up. To see if this little idea really had legs. To see if it really and truly had a shot.

And so we did. And it didn’t.

Believe it or not the pilot episode itself turned out pretty good, considering. It was plenty rough to be sure, but for our first big try at it, it wasn’t horrible. Same for this little trailer, we thought. And we did actually get interest from a few agents and a couple of nibbles from a couple of networks! But alas, as so often happens with this sort of thing – it just didn’t happen. After a few months of trying and a few interesting phone conversations from a few interested people, the interest… well, the interest just went away. And the realization of our new situation – unemployed and flat broke in our mid-30s – slowly and painfully began to creep back in.

Broke our hearts, of course. And at the time we of course felt like the idea just wasn’t good enough or the trailer just wasn’t good enough or the show just wasn’t good enough or we just weren’t good enough and all that kind of stuff that endlessly goes through your mind when it feels like you fail at something.

But. Look what happens when you don’t give up. 

Anyway, we could keep going and going and going but we’ll have to save the rest for a book or something. Because there’s a lot of it.

So! Hope y’all enjoy it! And thanks as always for keepin’ us company.  Cheers guys!

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