From the Episode: An Epic Night of Irish Craic and Cultur in Galway!


Ireland has indeed long been at the top of our personal bucket list! So it was a genuine thrill to finally get to travel around this beautiful country and meet the people, drink the beer, eat the food and see the sights. In total we were in Ireland for a little more than a week or so. And as it turned out, we were able to do all of those things in one single night in Galway!

There were (and still are) so many things we’ve wanted to see and do in Ireland, and one of them has always been to kick around an Irish town and crawl from pub to pub with one of the locals, getting the lay of the land and a feel for the culture along the way. And we got to do exactly that in Galway, thanks to our buddy John Byrne and his company Craic and Cultur. We actually came across John as we were doing our research for this episode, and we are so incredibly fortunate that we did! John’s story in and of itself – how he’s taken his love for Galway, his love for people and his passion for history – and poured it all into his own tour guiding business, is just too stinkin’ cool. And Galway’s lucky to have him as an ambassador!

Here’s the segment from the Ireland show that we filmed that night with John, which like all the segments in the Ireland show is just way, way too short. But hopefully it’ll give you a taste of what Galway’s like, what John’s like, and why you absolutely, positively need to holler at John anytime you’re in the vicinity of Galway. Because we had an absolutely killer time! Mighty, mighty craic, as they say.

Sláinte y’all! And if you do make it to Galway, tell John we sent you! He can probably tell you a few stories from our night together that didn’t make the show. 🙂

Safe travels! Thanks for watching!

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