Galapagos Magic: Episode Eight LIVE Post-Show Facebook Chat

Here we are! Episode eight! Our season one finale ALREADY. Hard to believe! This season went by so incredibly fast. But with tonight’s epic episode from the spectacular Galapagos Islands, we wanted to end our very first season with a bang. And we think we did! Our adventure in the Galapagos ranks among the very coolest things we’ve ever experienced, and we hope we were able to bring some of the magic we experienced home to you guys. What did y’all think? Let’s discuss! Bring your questions and comments!

Well HECK! Our connection really sucks if you couldn’t tell. Sorry about that! We got booted off Facebook. But we’re coming back! Here’s part two:

Well. Okay. We got booted again. Let’s try this one more time! Dang internet.

Thanks as always¬†everybody!¬†It’s been an incredible ride and we’re so thankful to have you along. And we so appreciate all of your great questions! Though this was the season finale, we hope yo do many more Facebook LIVE chats as this great adventure rolls on. So stay tuned! And happy travels y’all!
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