Giddyup! Join Us for Three More Special Screenings in West Texas!

[Posted Tuesday, April 3, 2018]

Howdy peeps! So! Fresh off the heels of our fantastic screening at the Sandell Drive-In in Clarendon, Texas, we’re so thrilled and proud to invite y’all to one (or heck, all) of THREE MORE special screenings of our first-ever West Texas episode, which will take place next week in Midland, Odessa and Alpine. It’s gonna be such a cool time! Y’all check it out:

So! As the promo says, all the screenings will be FREE and open to the public! But in the time since we put that promo together, a third public screening has been added in Midland due to the terrific response we’re getting from the folks in the Permian Basin. How cool is that?! So! Here’s a list of all the public screenings we’ve got scheduled in West Texas to date:

Thursday, April 12th – Midland, Texas
at the Centennial Library in Midland
(Next to Best Buy)

Friday April 13th – Odessa, Texas
at the Ellen Noel Art Museum

Saturday April 14th – Alpine, Texas
in the tap room at the Big Bend Brewing Company

Everyone is absolutely welcome to these public screenings, and of course we’d love, love, love to see you there! But if you’d do us a solid and RSVP ahead of time that’d be awesome, just so our great friends at Basin PBS and Big Bend Brewing can get an idea of how many folks will be coming. To RSVP, just visit Basin PBS online by clicking HERE. It’s quick and easy and we’d all really appreciate it!

We’re so super proud of this episode, y’all. And we really think it captures a little taste of the epic beauty and adventure that awaits visitors down in the Big Bend. So we hope you’ll agree! And we sure hope you’ll come out, hang out with us, and we can all watch it together. That’s be awesome!

A HUGE West Texas-sized thanks to all the good folks helping make these screenings happen for us: Basin PBS, the Arts Council of Midland, Taco diVino, the Ellen Noel Arts Museum and of course Big Bend Brewing Company.

Cheers gang! Make your plans now, and we’ll see y’all there!

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  1. Loved the Alpine story. College roommate took us home with her once. Neat place.

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