Give It a Listen: Dusty’s Podcast Chat with ‘Hey Amarillo!’

[Posted December 28, 2017]

Hey y’all! Dusty here. And really excited to share this.

I had the very cool opportunity to be interviewed a few weeks back by Jason Boyett for his excellent Hey Amarillo Podcast, during which we talked about my old TV days, our decision to sell everything and travel, and how the stars at night are especially big and bright at home in our little corner of the Texas Panhandle. And lots more! In fact, there are probably more than a few things in there you’ve never heard, as far as our little story goes.

The podcast came out just this week. So give it a listen if you’ve got a sec! Pretty cool stuff. And for y’all living in Amarillo/the Panhandle area, consider subscribing to the podcast. Jason’s an excellent interviewer and he’s got fascinating, local guests every week.

Thanks again Jason for having me on! Now we’ve just gotta get Nik in the hot seat. 🙂 Jason’s anxious to get her on, and I’m trying to talk her into it. She says she’ll do it sometime soon. So stay tuned! 🙂

Cheers gang! Y’all have a good one!

~ Dusty




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    Love your Lajitas river trip

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