Gonna Be A Big Night in Our Little Hometown. Join Us!

[Posted May 21, 2019]

Hey there guys! It’s gonna be a big weekend here in our little hometown, and we’d love for y’all to join us!
We are so honored and excited to be hosting the big grand re-opening gala celebration for the historic Mulkey Theatre here in Clarendon, Texas this Saturday night. And it’ll be an action-packed evening, featuring live musical and theatrical performances, a John Wayne flick, and… drum roll please… the world premiere of the trailer for Two for the Road season three! How cool is that?
Seating is limited though, and only a handful of tickets are left. So get yours now by calling 806-874-SHOW! And check out the Mulkey website for all the details: clarendontx.com/mulkey
Help us sell this place out, and come celebrate this momentous night with us! Gonna be so much fun. Hope to see y’all there!

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