A Big Big Bend Adventure, and Shooting’s Done on Season Two!

[Posted October 4, 2017]

Hey y’all! So we’re back home for a hot minute after an epic, epic shoot down in Big Bend and far West Texas. And we thought we’d share just a few of the dozens of very cool pics we snapped along the way. Check ’em out below! You know… we’re lifelong Texans, but this was our very first trip EVER to that part of our state, and it just absolutely blew us away! Incredible place! If you’ve never been you’ve GOT to get down there. Got to!

We shot near Marfa, in Alpine, Terlingua, Big Bend National Park, and even crossed the Rio Grande by rowboat and rode donkeys into the Mexican village of Boquillas. It was one heck of a trip and it’s gonna be a fantastic episode!

Speaking of, shooting for season two has officially wrapped! Just need to edit this episode and finish a couple of others and done! We can’t wait for y’all to see it all. Stay tuned!

So cheers gang! Hope y’all enjoy the photos, and as always safe travels!

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