Great Big News Y’all! Two for the Road is Headed for Create TV!

Hey gang! So check it out. We’ve got big news!

And first thing’s first, before we get into the nitty gritty: here’s a little video we put together of today’s official announcement, so give it a watch if you’ve got a sec! There are several things we discuss in the video that aren’t included in this post. Then jump on down the page for more about the announcement, how to get Create TV, and what’s next. And we know y’all might have lots of questions about all of this, so we’ll do our best to answer ’em for you. Okay! Deal? Good deal. Here we go:

How. Stinkin’. Cool. Is this?

Yep! We’re so very happy and excited and proud to finally announce that our little TV show has been picked up by Create TV! So if you’re not familiar, Create is essentially a national sub-channel of PBS, that includes the “cream of the crop” of lifestyle shows on public television – with a focus on travel, food, art, gardening, how-to shows and the like. So in that sense, think of Create as a sort-of “best of” channel when it comes to lifestyle shows on public television. And we’ll be joining the ranks of names like Rick Steves, Martha Stewart, Jacques Pepin and so many more incredible people and amazing shows that are part of the Create family! In fact (and yes, we may be a little biased here) many of the best programs on television – especially travel shows – are on Create these days. So it’s more than just an honor for the two of us – it’s a dream come true! We’ll actually have our own show, on one of the country’s biggest and most respected broadcast networks, alongside some amazing people and programs. So, yeah. We’re just a little excited.

Here’s the skinny: Two for the Road season one will air Tuesday and Thursday nights at 10:00pm CDT on Create, beginning in just a few weeks on August 22nd. And boom! Just like that our show will be available in more than 85% of the country, in roughly 100 million television households! Which sounds like a lot, because it is a lot. In fact that almost doubles our current total TV audience. Crazy!

And if you know about and watch Create, you just love it. Period. And y’all know what we mean by that. It’s a great channel. But still, lots of folks don’t know about Create – you might be among them – and lots of folks can get Create but probably don’t even know that they have it! So here’s what’s up:

How do I get Create? Or do I get it already?

Yes, chances are pretty good that you already have Create, or at least the ability to get it. Many of the major cable systems around the country carry Create, so the first step would be to just look for it in your channel guide and see if it shows up. And it’ll likely be alongside your local PBS station’s main channel. But even if your cable system doesn’t carry Create, you can very likely get it over-the-air, for free, with a simple digital TV antenna. Again, as a part of the national public television system, the network is broadcast over the air and absolutely free of charge to 85% of television households in this country! So it’s very likely there, already, where you live, and you just need that antenna to grab it! Here’s the only bad part: as it is now, we don’t believe Create is carried on satellite providers like Dish or DirecTV unfortunately. But hey! If you search for us and you do find us on satellite where you are, please let us know!

So there are two other super easy ways to figure out whether you’ve got Create in your area: you can click on the map link to the right, which will take you to a searchable, clickable map on the Create TV website that’ll show you where it’s available nationwide. The other thing you can do is just reach out to your local public television (PBS) station, whether by email or social media or telephone, and just ask ’em if Create is available where you live. See? Easy.

What’s the difference between PBS and Create? Will you still be on my local PBS station?

Yes! Or, at least, hopefully we will! Your local station’s primary channel is a whole separate deal from Create, even though both channels exist in what we like to call the “PBS Universe.” By and large, Create is one of those “extra channels” broadcast by your local PBS station in addition to its main channel. And with regard to that main channel: that’s actually where you, the local viewer, have the power!

We’ve been so fortunate to have been picked up by so many local PBS stations around the US, and we want that number to continue to grow until we can get everybody on board! So please do us a solid and let your local station know – by email, Facebook, Twitter,or even a phone call – that you want to see (or continue seeing) Two for the Road on their main channel! In fact, that’s likely where each new season will premiere, so you’ll still get to see our show locally first. For example: our upcoming second season will premiere on local PBS stations beginning in January, and then it will premiere on Create probably several months after that. So it’s worth emphasizing: please, please support your local public television station! They need your support today as much as ever (as do we)!

Alright then. So having said all that, we know you might still have some questions, and feel absolutely free to holler at us and we’ll help you however we can! But in the meantime, Create has a really informative FAQ page on their website that can hopefully answer your questions better than we can. Click here to check it out. It’s good stuff. We’re also planning to do a live Q&A session on our Facebook page in the next few days to talk about Create and what it all means, so please follow us on Facebook for the latest!

What about Two for the Road season two? That IS still happening, right?

Absolutely, positively, yes! Not only is it happening, it is going to be freakin’ epic! There will be a full season of thirteen brand new episodes of TFTR that, as mentioned, will begin rolling out on PBS stations nationwide this coming January (with your help). And we’re actually already beginning production on season three! If all goes to plan, we’ll have a new full season of Two for the Road premiering every January, every year, on your local PBS station, from here on out. But we’ll have much, much, much more info about season two – and beyond – in the coming months. So stay tuned!

Thanks to everybody! We just love you guys.

Seriously y’all. We just can’t tell you how thrilled we are  – and what an honor it is – to be a part of public television, and now to be a part of Create TV. We’ve been working really, really hard for more than a decade now on this crazy dream of ours. And for a couple of regular kids from small-town Texas… well… this? This is pretty much about the coolest thing ever. So our very sincere thanks to the folks at Create for seeing something in our little show, and of course to all of you guys who have watched and followed and supported us through these last many years. We really hope you’ll keep comin’ along with us on this crazy ride! And we just can’t wait to see where it’ll take us next.

Cheers peeps. Thanks again. Good stuff ahead!  😊

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  1. Judith Fletcher

    Love your show!

  2. Just caught your show on Patagonia!! Thank you for taking us there…Amazing! Can’t wait for your next show about China!

  3. Linda Olson

    Love your show. I’m from Las Vegas and I haven’t seen new episodes of your show. The create channel here show reruns anymore. Are you still doing your show?

    • Hey Linda! Thanks for reaching out! Create TV is still airing the show but hasn’t started airing season three as of yet. We’d absolutely love it if you’d reach out to them on social media or by phone and tell them you would like to see the new season of Two for the Road. It would mean a lot to us! Thanks again for watching! Hope you and yours are doing well! 🙂

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