Boot Scootin’ at the Oldest Dance Hall in Texas

Howdy y’all! Hope you and yours are having a fantastic summer.

Welcome to our first official road-trip post following the 2012 Best of the Road rally! We’ve been admittedly slow to post and slow to update the website these last couple of weeks – but to be perfectly honest with y’all, after the intense month-long BOTR experience we actually needed a little break from blogging and shooting and editing and updating. But now we’re back! We’re rested (mostly) and ready to tackle a brand new series of adventures! Giddyup!

We actually had a couple of weeks of “down time” between travels following the Best of the Road rally, and we initially thought we’d take those weeks to just sit around the house and do a whole lot of nothing. But that didn’t happen. It only took a matter of a few days of us being at home before we started getting that all-too familiar itch to get back out on the road and explore. And as you’ll see in our new video, there were some – *ahem* –  incidents around the house that finally pushed us over the edge, and back out into the world.

Gruene-031-LargeSo with only a couple of free days at our disposal, we started looking at the map for places not too far from our home here in Central Texas – and right away we agreed on the perfect spot to visit, which happens to be one of our favorites: a fabulous little town between Austin and San Antonio called Gruene (pronounced “Green”). So we threw a few things in the car and hit the road!

If you have a few minutes, kick back, relax and check out the video we put together from our visit to Gruene last week, and be sure to check back in the next couple of days for more detailed blogs about our trip. Hope you enjoy!

BTW: Of course we want to thank some of our best friends in music, The Gourds and Two Tons of Steel for allowing us to use their stuff in our videos. Y’all be sure to check them out, buy their stuff, and make sure to catch them at one of their live shows. Listen one time and you’ll be hooked, we swear. Thanks again guys! Cheers!

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