Happy New Year Y’all! And Here’s One Thing to Remember for 2020

So here we are y’all. Another year gone. Crazy!

It was full of epic highs and heartbreaking lows, but 2019 was an absolutely amazing year! Made so not by the number of miles traveled, or the number of states or countries visited or any of that kind of stuff, but by all the amazing people around the world who have filled our lives with so much joy and wisdom and hope. We are truly blessed beyond words.

And not to get all sappy and preachy on you, but if we could leave y’all with one thought – one truth – to take into this new year, it’s this:

It’s easy to get down about the world these days. For sure. But despite the never-ending river of negativity that’s piped into our lives and minds and hearts every day, just remember that this world is a beautiful place full of kind, beautiful, amazing people. People of all places, colors and faiths. And that the good in our crazy little world far, far outweighs the bad. It’s not even close. And in all our years of travel that has been the one, undeniable, unshakable constant.
So. We hope that in this coming year you’ll take a chance and take the time to get out and see more places, meet more people, and love more about all of it. Because it’s still unquestionably worth seeing, and worth loving.

That’s our resolution, anyway. And it’d be really cool if because of that, we get to meet you somewhere out there along the way. And shake your hand. And buy you a drink. That’d be amazing, actually.
So. Until then friends, big hugs and big cheers!

Happy, happy new year everybody! Here’s to 2020!

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